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Discussion in 'Grateful Dead and Phish' started by dudenamedrob, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    I'm completely and totally obsessed with the Grateful Dead. They've been my favorite band since I was a child! I cried like a baby when Jerry died and I miss him to this day, he was like a father figure to me. I have a huge collection of live shows, I used to do the tape trading thing but now i'm into the digital thing. I have tons and tons of dead shows, and i've been collecting for years. I only ever got to go to one show before Jerry died, and I was still pretty young, but it's stuck with me through my entire life. Anytime i'm confused or upset, I turn to the Grateful Dead, when i'm happy, I celebrate with the Grateful Dead. When my wife was in labor, and even as Aiden Ryver was being born, we had the Grateful Dead playing in the background........this band has shaped my entire life, good times, bad times.........they've been there with me through it all. I just want to express my sheer devotion and love towards the Grateful Dead and their music! Anybody else feel this way??
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    good stuff....
  3. shaina

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    i've been a grateful dead fan since before i was born my first concert out of the womb was new years eve 1988 i was 3 weeks old
  4. freeinalaska

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    dudenamedrob, I there with you. We were playing the dead (or JGB for one) when all of our six kids were born. My four older kids have all seen the dead with jerry quite a few times. I listen to them daily. I've seen many shows and dedicated the last few years of the 80's making sure i didn't miss even a single show. They have been a huge force in my life.

    Hey cool. I was at those shows with my year old son.

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