Grandmother Spirit

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Phoenix, May 13, 2004.

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    O Grandmother Spirit
    Come watch over me.
    Cover me with your warm embrace
    And talk to me of peace.
    Whisper to me through the rustle of the leaves
    That all is well.
    I see the shades of green that sparkle in your eyes
    And your cloak of summer leaves
    Hides me from the world outside.
    Into your arms of tenderness I will escape
    And rest awhile so as to regain my strength.
    Tell me of the child within my soul
    That cries for home.
    Let me return to that forgotten place
    Before all time began
    When all I knew was joy.
    O Grandmother Spirit
    Be with me tonight
    And hold me like a child upon your lap.
    Talk to me of dreams and fairy lands
    And as I listen to your soft and tender voice
    I'll slip away with you into the land of sleep.
    I"ll walk and dance and skip
    And run through ancient forests deep
    Into a magic dream I'll roam
    With unicorns and gnomes, I'll play
    All through the night and day.
    Forgetting all that I once knew
    I will remember truth and love
    Where bodies made of light
    Will join me upon a crystal path
    And take me home to you.

    ~Phoenix (Julie)~
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    That was soft and sweet. I loved it.
  3. Crystaleyez

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    Wow thank you! Very rootsy!

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