Graeme Souness' managerial stint at Liverpool during 1991-1994

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  1. I think the criticism and blame he was given during his managerial stint at Liverpool during 1991-1994 was harsh, and how it was the sale of players Kenny Dalglish made beforehand that resulted in the decline.

    At the time, Dalglish made a mistake selling 6 key players in Gary Gillespie, Paul Walsh, John Wark, John Aldridge, Peter Beardsley and Barry Venison, so it was Dalglish's sale(s) policy of players rather than any recruitment policy made by Graeme Souness, and Glenn Hysen was a top player signed by Souness and would have done better had those 6 key players not been sold earlier on as mentioned.
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    Souness sold Beardsley you plank!

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    I remember Souness the player - him and Keane, how long would they last on the field today?

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