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    i am wanting to make some really thoghtfull things for friends at graduation but have no idea what. i am not ver crafty so if any of you people have any ideas would you please post them. thanks and money is kind of tight
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    what i did for my friends for grad is this.

    i got them all to pick a song. a song that somehow "represented" them at the time. i didn't tell them why though.
    then once all my friends gave me their song i made a compilation CD and burnt a copy for each of them. i also designed a snazzy cover for them and wrote a message to them on the inside cover.
    it didn't cost much (only the cost of the CDs) (well, that, and the computer.... but i already had that!) and they all really loved them. you know how a song can be so nostalgic? now they can listin to the CD whenever they are sad and missing their old posse...
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    how about grad hat cookies or beer bottle cookies...shaped like the celebration and decorated. Then you could wrap them all up in some clear colored plastic and give them away...maybe make them a hemp necklace and wrap it around them as the bow.
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    ah, just tie dye everyone a groovy top ;)
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    You could make some kind of scrapbook for each one. I used to take plain ole computer paper folded in half(or cut in half) and bind it together with staples(or punch holes and use thread). On the inside I would glue pictures (either from magazines or pictures of us or our favorite band printed off the computer) or write down memories, jokes, song lyrics, poems, etc... On one I cut out a bunch of adjectives that were printed in bright or bold fonts from random magazines and glued the ones that I thought best fit my friend, onto the cover of the "scrapbook."

    You can get really creative with this idea, especially if you don't have a lot of money to spend and want something meaningful. :)

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