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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by MoonlightSilver, May 9, 2004.

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    I posted this on the old forum, but no one replied, so I am trying again. I am graduating soon and I want to give my friends something really cute and creative. No personalized towels or anything like that. I've got a couple of ideas, but none that I really love. Any suggestions?
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    I made one of my friends a treasure box. I went to a local hobby store and bought a tan colored paper mache box. I used this stuff called Mod Podge to attach magazine and computer printed pics of some of our inside joke stuff (like pictures of hippies, gnomes, etc....just stuff that is meaningful to me and her) then I glazed over the box with more Mod Podge to give it a decoupage finish. I am writing her a note on the inside of the box and also filling it with candy and a giftcard. They're really fun and easy to make. Good luck with finding gifts for everyone. (By the way, the box cost about 2 dollars and the Mod Podge was 4.00 for a big bottle). PM me if you need any help with this.
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    A very cool idea, the treasure box.... you can also give decorative journals, 'dream bottles' (bottles filled with things that remind you of each other's friendship), a home-decorated frame with a memorable pic of you and your friend(s)... just a couple thoughts....
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    I think scrap books make good, meaningful gifts. Especially when it's obvious that you put a lot of, thought, and effort into it. All ideas here are good, though. :) I just graduated and the best gift I got was a sterling silver chain with a cross pendant on it. Very pretty, but hand made gifts are best if you ask me.


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