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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by hailtothekingbaby, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Okay so this whole thread isn't about vegetarianism per se. I'm not a vegetarian, I think it's a good cause to be one but the problem is I just can't stand most vegetables. :p

    But anyway, I'm a huge fan of milk, and I read from a vegetarian that she didn't drink milk not only because she thinks it's cruel towards the cows (and I agree here), but also because she says that dairy actually very unhealthy, but the corporate world makes us believe otherwise so we keep continue buying it. Or something.

    Now she's also a huge PETA freak so I didn't trust her on her word (no offence to PETA freaks :p) but decided to ask around here if you think she's right. Thanks in advance! ^_^
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    I'm the same as that not mad into to vegetables and like meat to much. Although I've cut down my red meat intake substantially.
  3. minjeig

    minjeig Member

    nah, she's right. milk blows. i work for a nutritional consultant and after reading about milk's ultimate grossness on i asked him if any of it was true. he told me that milk is full of cow puss and that it can give you osteoporosis, rather than curing it like the milk industry tells you. (something about the massive amounts of protein in milk being horrible for your bones and kind of outweighing the calcium in it). then a few weeks ago i was in a health food store and i decided to ask the guy in there about it to get a second opinion and he, too, told me that milk is horrible for you. i guess when you think about it it makes sense though; we're the only species that drinks the milk of another species. and also, milk is made for baby cows who have to grow huge in very little time and have 4 stomachs.

    i mean if you need to be convinced any father... it comes from a cows tit! thats just rank. some motivational speaker once came to my school and told us that a kindergarten kid had once told him that the bravest guy in the world was the first guy to drink milk. "hey you see that giant beast over there? see that thing hanging under it? i'm gonna go squeeze that! and whatever comes out? i'm gonna drink it!" man that speaker was the best...
  4. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    cows milk is designed for baby cows to drink...the proteins are too big for humans. cows have multiple stomachs, we only have one. it's no wonder that so many humans cant tolerate cow milk.

    goat milk has smaller proteins, it works better in the human digestive system than cow milk does.

    pasteurization kills all the living enzymes in milk. if you're going to drink milk, drink it raw.

    ps, i'm not a vegetarian either, but all these interesting foodie threads seem to end up in the veg forum. and i've GOT to find a local source for raw goat milk. the pasteurized crap at the store is incredibly expensive.
  5. drumminmama

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    the protien bit is this: protien is an acid substance that needs to be buffered in the body. What's the largest reservoir of base material? your bones.
    the buffering clacium is leeched from bones, and if you are also watchingfat, heads up: skim cow milk has MORE protien and pulls MORE from your bones.
  6. RainbowCat

    RainbowCat Senior Member

    i've heard milk is bad for you too. espacially if you drink alot. it's just "made" to be healthy from all the things they add in the milk. i was thinking about turning vegan,but i dont know if i have that much self discipline. uh, i probably do
  7. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    Try it... I thought I wouldn't have the self discipline but apart from the odd frustration with the food industries lack of adequate labelling It's been pretty easy. :)

    Good Luck!

    oh and yeh, with so many diary milk alternatives I really don't see the need for milk in our food chain at all. The diary industry has lied to us for years, the worse thing is that the government go along with it.

    Very dire.

    Love Clairexxx
  8. PriceCheck

    PriceCheck Senior Member

    I concur with the above... I've read the same reasons from multiple sources.

    The other part, the really is insane. Dairy is probably the second cruelest animal foods industry, after foie gras. Veal and dairy are basically the same industry, and the mother cows in factory farms go through more torment than you'd think any human being would allow, and then it's off to the slaughterhouse.

    If you only stop consuming dairy (and foie gras?) you'll be helping alot.
  9. RainbowCat

    RainbowCat Senior Member

    i think i'll start drinking soy milk. it's non dairy, right? i know to check the label, also, but most of them aren't i've heard. i'ts pretty good. and my mom gets fake cheese. a small problem is i get enough shit for being vegetarin already, i'm sure i'll offend some-one by saying there's nothing i can eat there. but oh well, if they liked me they'd accept it, right? i'll slowly change. if i go too drastically, i might decide to go back because i wont be used to it at all
  10. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    whenever my kids got an ear infections or any type of stomache flu, the doctor would tell us to keep dairy products away from them for a couple weeks. If milk was so great for you then why would staying away from dairy cure those problems? I got so that I would try and keep milk away for about 4 months every winter as that was when they used to get sick most.
    Even though I still bought yogurt & cheese we didn't eat as much dairy in the Winter.
    Doctors will tell you that you need calcium, but that is not the same as saying you need milk. There are other things to eat/drink like a few leafy green vegetables, fortified OJ, and seeing as the original person who started this thread has already stated "Okay so this whole thread isn't about vegetarianism per se. I'm not a vegetarian," I will say that canned salmon & sardines are also good sourse of calcium.
  11. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    oh, honey, soy isnt any better for you than dairy.

    another interesting link...
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    What do vegans drink instead of milk then?
  13. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    nut "milks"
    rice "milks"
    oat "milk"
    tea (there must be thousands of different kinds of teas)
    etc etc etc

    there are lots of beverages that arent milk that are also vegan or vegetarian

    if you're looking for calcium sources specifically, there are lots of different ways to get calcium that arent from milk. check out the second link in my pp.
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    And what would you put on your cornflakes?? :p Can you buy cocnut milk in shops? That'd probably be nice on cornflakes! Was just reading about where you would get your calcium here I find all this vegan business fascinating, that people will take things so far to prevent harm to animals, I'd never manage it, I lack discipline with my eating and like eating meat. Still at least you vegans are going with what Gandhi said "You must be the change you see" and it's commendable.

    Also what's kombucha?
  15. Bilby

    Bilby Lifetime Supporter and Freerangertarian Super Moderator

    This is very interesting.I found even having a small amount of low fat milk (eg added to mashed potato) gives me nasty hemorrhoids and I am not going to be silent about it because it could be the same for some other people.
    Yea maybe low fat milk should come with a health warning.
  16. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    haha, that's a whole nother thread! i dont eat cornflakes. they've been so processed that they dont resemble corn at all, and my body doesnt do well on grains or starchy foods like corn. my little boy eats soaked oats and i usually soak them in goat milk for him. i bet he'd love them soaked in coconut milk though!

    kombucha is a fermented tea... there's a wise woman on the forums who has shared how to make kombucha on this thread...

    ps, i'm not a veg or vegan at all. i'm into nourishing traditions. very very different!!
  17. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    I've got trouble with lactose too; can have a little, especially in combination with food (a bit of milk on the cornflakes or muesli is no problem) but I can't have a whole glas of milk. I only heard about the other stuff much later but yes, it seems it isn't good for us to drink lots of milk at all.. the calcium isn't either. Then, remember a whole lot of things aren't good to drink (or eat) loads and loads of.. often it's best to vary a lot, not drink liters or eat plates and plates of any one thing... spinach can have too much lead in it which is harmful if you eat it every day, even soy milk had something or other that meant it wasn't a good think to use gallons of it. If you follow all the news reports we can't eat anything anymore -I just try to keep from overdoing any one thing and it'll probably be okay.

    I do like goat's milk. Fortunately most goat farms are smaller, so they aren't as cruel to their goats either. Here in Europe there's a lot of organic stuff in the stores, and more coming, where the farmers have to allow their animals more room to move about, they can't use all the chemicals & hormones, also for vegetables they can't use dangerous pesticides.. they sell that stuff in the grocery store too. Don't you have that in the US? About 10-15 years ago they only sold it in specialty stores, but now you can get it everywhere, or some products at least.
  18. drumminmama

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    coconut milkk is high in SATURATED fat. it's a treat, not a staple.
    also kombucha with fruit juice is yummy.
    Nimh, are there good web sites based on Nourishing traditions?
  19. child

    child Member

    soya milk is not 'bad' for you, personally i dont regularly drink it, but i do eat tofu. Soya consumption in the east is said to be a reason for comparitively low cancer rates.
  20. ryupower

    ryupower NO capcom included

    Disagree, I think the egg industries the seconed worst. But
    yeah, cruelty is there too.

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