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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by ukbong1, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    Hey hipforums I'll start by introducing myself, currently an 18yo from the UK who does not have enough money to move out yet so am still living with my mum. I've been using cannabis about 3 years now to help me with moderate insomnia and for stress relieving/mind expanding properties. Just now my mum has found my kilner jar full of about half an oz and a block of hash I had stashed in my wardrobe, this was all the cannabis I had.

    I have in the past tried to show my mother countless videos, research and links to prove the therapeutic effects and how when done responsibly, this plant does not have any negative effect on your life like most people believe. I have also tried to reason and explain I do not poison myself with alcohol, go to the gym and am a productive and non-lethargic person.

    Despite all this she's still locked in her mind that ANYONE who uses cannabis can not have a happy or normal life and thanks to 'research' she reads, is also sure that it will give me schizophrenia (no history of mental illness), heart problems, liver failure and seizures. I am literally being treated like a heroin or crack addict, no matter what she has made it clear to never bring something like this into her house. I understand it is her house and ultimately her decision, but cannabis improves my quality of life significantly, without bringing any side effects.

    So I am asking on your guys opinions on what you would do in this situation or any advice you can give? Thanks for your time!
  2. Sitka

    Sitka viajera

    Does not compute.
  3. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    Why not?
    I am still in education and no part-time job in this country pays near enough to afford your own flat
  4. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    If you live in your mums house, and she doesnt want you bringing cannabis in HER house anymore, well you probably shouldnt. Doesnt mean you have to stop smoking.

    1. Stop bringing bud into her house, continue to smoke
    2. Stop smoking until you move out.
    3. Find a better place to hide your pot and evaluate the consequences if you get caught with it again.
    4. Write a comprehensive paper to your mum telling her about cannabis in an open and honest way.
    5.Keep your bud with a close friend?

    Where in the UK do you live?
  5. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    London, which is why getting my own place is too expensive now.
    Without sounding stupid, I'm more of a lone smoker and while I do rarely smoke with the few friends I have, they never have their own stuff, which is why I don't see how I can continue to smoke without actually bringing bud into the house. That carries onto the last point, I don't have a friend I can trust enough to look after my stash unfortunately
  6. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    Im from UK originally, depending on where in London you live, you could always rent a locker or something somewhere, keep it in there..... Sounds to me like you need to hide it better. In the loft maybe? Or just stop bringing it into her house.
  7. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    Seeing as I mainly smoke in the evening for my insomnia, having it in a locker somewhere I'd have to go and travel to just wouldn't be practical.
    I always try to hide it, but concealing a bong and jar of bud completely isn't easy
  8. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    Then buy smaller quantities and smoke from a small pipe, or one hitter.

    Why was she going through your wardrobe in the first place?
  9. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    While I was at the gym she decided to 'tidy up' my room without mentioning it or asking.
    I'm also a bit too paranoid to buy even small quantities as she acts like a bloodhound when it comes to checking for the smell of it
  10. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    UKbong, I dealt with the same thing, a mother who was convinced it was the gateway to all things evil. But for me I was fortunate enough to move out of her house when I went to college and to live in an area where one can get a medical card. So once I was 18 she couldn't say anything.

    It's too bad your in the UK, in the USA you could get a license for insomnia. Your best bet is to get your own place, then you can live your way. Until then you have to deal with parents.
  11. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    Yeh it's a shame the UK is still in a mindset of it being a poison with no medical benefits, the US is far ahead of us in terms of that.
    And I reckon it'll be until next year atleast that I can afford a place
  12. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    Well what are you thinking UKbong? WHAT ya gonna do?
  13. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    Maybe buy some sleeping pills in the meantime (they're horrible but oh well)
  14. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    If you do plan on still smoking you have be allot smart about hiding it. And be one step ahead of your mom. What about hiding it between your matters or hiding it outside somewhere? Who cuts the grass? And does your mom snoop around the yard? Maybe under the deck
  15. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    see i always keep my room clean that way my mom doesn't come in and start cleaning cause there is nothing to clean
  16. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    True it was partly my fault for leaving it in such a mess, but even with a tidy room she could get nosey and decide to have a look if I have any 'poison' left
  17. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    What about up top in your closet? You can also hide a couple small joints in a pitcher frame but joints make more of a smell mess. Maybe not have as much with you at home? I would say hide it in your car but you really don’t want to be driving around with that much on you. I had a pitcher of my sister hanging on the wall and I decied to hide my stash inside of it and the pitcher fell off the wall and broke, I took that as a bad sigh not to hide it there
  18. ukbong1

    ukbong1 Guest

    Yeh I avoid having it in my car at all costs, just incase that's the one time I get pulled over and searched
  19. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    what about inside of a lava lamp I used to store my bag of pot inside it just remember not to turn it on with the bag inside it
  20. Lavalamp sound like an ingenious idea! I agree with most of the other posters

    I think despite any opinions on the uses of weed. The fact is you are bringing illegal substances into your mothers house. She has a right to be mad at that, she'd be the one to get in trouble if anything were to happen.

    I don't live in London, and I don't know what your living is like, if possible, it's not a bad idea to find a hiding spot outside for your stash. Parks, trees, alleys, somewhere where you can easily hide your stash and have a small chance of anyone ever finding it.

    Sometimes you can find reasonable wages for rent when sharing with others, may suggest looking for ads or getting some friends together in search of a flat/apartment/studio.

    Mind if I ask where you smoke?

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