Google Duplex - more techno nuthugger bullshit

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Vanilla Gorilla, May 10, 2018.

  1. Google just staged a wonderful presentation of its new assistant thousands of smart people in the audience fell for, many in the media are going crazy over, the future is here blab blah blah, we wont be able to tell the difference between human an robot anymore blah blah blah

    A staged presentation showing you the two best times the thing worked out of probably hundreds of times it didnt. What do you think happens if the call-ee does something unexpected and starts singing the star spangled banner or something, how does the computer work then

    tech media sites "review" the thing, .....with the exact same samples given in googles presentation

    All seems like an amazing leap forward doesnt it?

    Wait till you get it on your phone, see how it really works. all they have done, is take the same shit. ad a few ums and rrrrs, made it with a better sounding voice, which would need far better processing power thus more likely to freeze over bad cell reception

    Co-incidentally at the same time Uber and Waymo are again saying self driving cars are magically going to work and be on the road within months

    It is May 2018, we will come back to this thread in 6 months to see what the reality actually is

    Google sells around 10 million units per quarter of those stupid Google Home devices, which is a business enterprise sure, but in relation to the potential 2 billion first worlders, its nothing really to write home about, as many dont really give a shit about a $100 product so you turn on your toaster with your voice

    Then theres the question of, well, why the fuck do I need it to make a phone call for me, as opposed to just messaging my hairdresser, on LIne or whats app

    Such bullshit, and all these nerds fall for it
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  2. Aerianne

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    I need a robot that can bring a glass of water to my desk when I ask.
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  3. relaxxx

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    LOL, great title!
  4. wilsjane

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    I don't need to wait 6 months.
    I can tell everyone now that it is a pile or advertising loaded rubbish that will also freeze up everything and run your batteries out before 11am.
    I think that they call it progress. :worried::worried::worried:

    PS, Google hate me, because we have our own domain and email server that they cannot load up with their rubbish. :yum::yum::yum:
    HF are one of the few remaining public websites not to have fallen into their greedy clutches. Hopefully Skip will never sign a pact with the internet devil.
  5. wilsjane

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    Stop complaining, you Have Skip to fetch your water and morning coffee. That's what bosses are for. :yum::yum::yum:
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  7. lode

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    What blue collar job do you have that this'll be replacing in a few years?
  8. So its been 4 months.......and nada, zip, nothing

    They are apparently "testing' the software this (northern hemisphere) summer

    No release date, no sign of it appearing on any phone

    .......because it doesnt flippin work

    On semi related news, Uber gave up on self driving trucks in July

    .......because no one is going to be able to get them to work
  9. I'm going slightly off topic here, but anyway... I think it's unfortunate that we refer to the seasons as though they are experienced everywhere in the world at the same time. If it's not summer everywhere, then we should not be saying something is being released/happening "this summer". Makes no sense at all... I apologize for this ignorant practice. :worried:
  10. Is it the "Okay google, what is the weather like in Alaska?" app thing?"

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