Good site for ordering Absinthe?

Discussion in 'Beverages' started by Grim, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Greets...I've been wanting a bit of this particular beverage for some time, but due to it's high cost that particular desire has been shelved for a while.
    Recently I found a buddy willing to halve up the cost, and I have enough extra cash laying around at the moment to make it happen...

    So even though I've already found a handful of sites where it can be ordered, I thought I'd ask around here before I paid any money. Anyone know of/have experience with any particular site/brand that they would recommend?
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    I would be careful shipping it. I believe Absinthe is illegal when mixed with alcohol in the States. Plus, US Customs doesn't allow people without a liquor license to recieve international shipments of any alcoholic beverage through the mail. I have tried the whopping sum of 2 types of Absinthe here in Germany and Amsterdam. One was absolutely terrible, red in color, can't remember the name, cost about 30 Euro per bottle, and was about 50% alcohol (I think there is a limit as to the ratios here in germany). The other was definately green, more expensive and more palatable. In both cases, I had been mixing drinks and didn't particularily notice the effect :(

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