Gonna take magic mushrooms this summer

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Peace_of_Pizza, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. I wanted to know the basic effects, feelings, that i'd get. And the best way to get prepared mentally for em. Also where is the best place to take em i was thinking in a house that will be free for 2 weeks or at a place that is on top of a cliff looking over the sea which goes down to a beach and a castle is besides it is that good? Im worried about the cliff myself dont wanna go thinking i can fly.
  2. Diver City

    Diver City Member

    Sounds like a nice place to have a trip. Hopefully you will just admire the view and won't actually think you can fly. Better do it with some friends just in case you go a little crazy.
    The best thing i would suggest for your first time is to remember not to hold yourself back from your own thoughts. Let your mind go free!!
  3. nakeddrifter

    nakeddrifter Member

    hey y'all, I've never shroomed before, and there are supposedly tons here in Orlando where I'm doin my internship. THe problem is that i have no car, and can't really afford to pay too much from the peeps sellin 'em here. I'd like to go out and pick some, but bein a beginner am not down with riskin finding poisened ones, so any suggestions? Anyone wanna show me the ropes???
  4. Jennyjenkins

    Jennyjenkins Member

    The ropes in picking your own? Its avery hard task. I suggest you read up first.


    Have a nice trip! Also i find if you smoke a lil when you start to peak, it calms the anxiety.
  5. nakeddrifter

    nakeddrifter Member

    cool, thanks for the links. Yeh pickin 'em makes me kinda antsy too. Anyone know of any trustworthy sources in the central florida area?
  6. ppazz

    ppazz Member

    peace of pizza...just go to erowid.com and read about shrooms, it'll tell you about dosage, effects, and everything.

  7. Its ok i done all that, i posted this like months ago :S thanks for the suggestion anyway. Bah i still havnt done shrooms to hard to find in any way. Im ordering salvia tho so that will be cool i hope.
  8. geckopelli

    geckopelli Senior Member

    search my post in this forum.
    outside is the best place to trip. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, change your enviroment. this can be as simple as looking a different direction.
  9. True, but how could i do that without my parants finding out?
  10. TheMagicalMushy

    TheMagicalMushy Senior Member

    Get it sent to a friends house, most places like that send unmarked box's too. Say you ordered a sweatshirt or somthing.
  11. Hmm i dont think that would work either, my friends wouldnt be willing enough to take the risk for me wen they dont do / dont want to do shrooms.

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