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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by PotSmokinHippy, May 18, 2004.

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    I am prety much there, once twice a week I might mess up and eat something non vegan but it takes a lil more concentration then just vegetarian....there was no chance I was going to eat some bacon and go ohh geeez woops I forgot thats meat. But its easy to forget when someone tosses me a lil piece of chocolate or brings me a coffee its just habbit. Anyone mess up once in awhile when they first made the switch? any hints for getting better at it?
    I also own a couple items of clothing that has some leather on it (belt/shoes) so they have to go aswell. Other then hemp what have you guys used for belts/shoes?

    any other tips you can give me to help me on my way would be great.....I know a few have said this already.... I made it this far thanks to you guys. Not quite a year ago I made the switch to Vegetarian, wanting to go vegan but wanting to give the change time. I haven't actualy met any vegans in person, but talking with you guys has been great!
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    I think once you get used to it you should be fine. It is all about getting used to something new ~ You will form new habits etc....

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