Going to San Francisco for our honey moon! HELP!

Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by Lemur24, Jan 12, 2005.

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    Hello folks! My good friend Gabbee and I are planning a road trip to San Francisco in September after the Shannon Hoon vigil.. We are going to Haight street to be exact!! However, we don't know the area and need some help. We couldn't think of a better place to ask for some advice as to where to stay, what to see, where to go, where to stay away from, etc... It's going to be our first time there and we want to make it perfect... so please help us out!! :D Oh!! We are also getting married and plan to live happily ever after... you're all invited to the wedding!! ;) Hahaha

    PS: Sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong section.. I'm a foreign kid who doesn't know shit! :rolleyes: LMAO Gabby is the brains in this relationship... HAHA

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    Hey thought I'd respond 'cause I used to live there---- but I camped in a van parked next to Golden Gate Park. It's fun to sway with the passing cars and wake up to pee in the bushes, but that might not be what you're looking for in terms of romance. :) :) Anyway, I also saw a good thread on Haight in the hippies forum I'd do a search and check it out then post there if you don't get much response here.
    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya later!

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