Going To Loch Ness

Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by RavenBrain, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. RavenBrain

    RavenBrain Member

    I am gonna go to loch ness at the end of the month and want to camp near to the edge...anyone know what chance i have? I want to catch and eat my own food too...a bit ray mears i know but what the heck, if he can...
  2. RavenBrain

    RavenBrain Member

    This idea has been scrapped as found out today cant have the hols i requested from work! very naffed off![​IMG]
  3. Raskalization

    Raskalization Making plans for Nigel

    That sucks man... we were gonna go camping tonight but alas twas called off due to laziness. I might be able to get you into Glasto for £30 though if you're interested?
  4. ripple

    ripple Member

    I once slept in a van in a lay-by at the side of loch ness. Nobody bothered apart from the occasional car driving past honking their horn :) Theres probably some good bits to camp wild too.
  5. guy

    guy Senior Member

    a word about scotland

    it rains

    i spent one day standing in a wind tunnel of a school abandoned for the holidays drying my crappy tent in the wind (isle of skye). my last night there was spent balancing on a thin seat ina workmans hut shared with some german dude doing the same thing, trying to sleep and trying to keep dry (this was summer).

    you need a good lightweight tent that has some space to it that will absolutely not leak etc. this tent needs to be a dark colour preferably dark green so not to attract attention. good luck to you if you can catch something. take some mosquito repellent as well.

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