Going retro is the only way outta babylon....

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by David0301, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Yep yep "random thoughts" is the right forum to drop this because it has been random just now just just now. Im sitting in my high technology equipped room with all kinds of devices and im wondering...:

    Have you also noticed that all consumer goods in the electronic technological department are built to not last. Yep "not last" . Every technician, computer expert, it-buddy knows what im talking about. I hope user @WOLF ANGEL also reads this because he also works in this field and am sure he can confirm.

    Not only are things built to last short term but also compelling you to buy more and more other products to achieve what you wanted. Example: laptops have always had sound in , sound out, mic and head-in plugs. When I bought my new laptop last year I noticed that there is only 1 plug in left. That is for the headphones. And just last week my friend told me that soon cellphones and laptops wont even have the headphone in plug. I said nuh uh not with me. Im not gonna fall into the vicious consumer trap cycle of babylon. Im going out. We are the consumers and we should dictate what/how manufacturers produce and not the other way round. We should not be like hungry dogs who can't wait to get food(products) on their plate. And these dogs are ready to swallow whatever is thrown at them. Nuh uh bros and sis nuff of babylon.

    That is why, last month I was compelled to buy an external sound card with all kinds of plugs that notebooks always have had and are missing now.

    There are many many more examples of electronic consumer goods that are intentionally made to not last and to make you buy more and more. This is why I have already begun looking for vinyl player, cassette deck, some mc music cassettes, old mobilphones etc...

    Remember mobile phones 10 years ago ?how the battery lasted 2 weeeks without having to charge? How you could drop it on the floor without any afflicted damage? I just bought 2 of those :sunglasses: My smartphones now just break as easy as a candy bar. Im tired of babylon. Im going back home....who joins me?

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  2. ??? If you work in the industry you should know what the term planned obsolescence means
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  3. David0301

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    You what?
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    So you gonna leave the internet behind?
  5. VG makes a point, but at the same time, I disagree with the OP. Not ALL technology is like that. I have a Dell Latitude E6410. It is about as built to last as laptops can be. It's true that the really thin laptops people get now don't seem built to last though.

    As far as the plugs go, I just checked, and mine has both a microphone and a headphone jack! :) Pretty cheap, too. I don't remember how much I paid, but I'm pretty sure it was less than $250.00.

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  6. Ged

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    The future is older than the past
  7. TheGhost

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    Yes VG makes a point. But if we're talking about computers specifically, the main point is that after some time software has advanced so much that the hardware can hardly keep up.
    Sure you could use older software but then you might run into compatibility problems.

    Thin laptops can last quite a while if build quality is good. The big problem is that with many models repair is almost impossible. Everything is soldered and glued.
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    i don't have to go with you anywhere.....i didn't allow myself to get sucked in right from the start....looks like you did sucked in.........dude, you preach to others like you have the answers but i for one am not asking....

    ''i distill my water but i take jet airplanes everywhere''.....your lifestyle choices are causing more pollution than they are helping.......go buy the next thing out and be done with it already

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  9. Or even find out that support is only offered to Windows 7 and newer. That's what happened with my parents' dinosaur desktop computer. It was a Windows XP, and Microsoft decided to stop catering to anyone who hadn't upgraded to their newer OS platforms.
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  10. TheGhost

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    Win XP was one stubborn thing. It just wouldn't friggin die :p
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  11. Asmodean

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    A desktop pc is still better in that regard right? I'm a bit out of it, but need to get a new one.
    Old one lasted long enough. It was the OS that got outdated..
  12. TheGhost

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    Sure. With a desktop you can basically repair/upgrade whatever you like. If you fry a component you just go get a new one and stick it in. You can build your own to spec if you like.
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  13. I noticed my smartphone's battery drains faster and faster after every upgrade.

    I also have a 6 year old iPad that I still use. Apple won't even allow me to acquire new apps or upgrade the software anymore. It still works fine and I have no desire to go buy an new one yet.
  14. Ged

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    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member

    Society changed from the "we" to the "me" during the (Thatcher) 80's - here in the UK.
    My original "Brick" phone lasted 15 years with steady, fortnightly charging an No, Battery change.
    Everything these days come with price to pay - and although it is understandable that things cost, when it comes to 'strategic' designing of items, be it for short term use, or needs to have 'specific' items of requirement for use, this is all too true by those wishing to make as much as they can.
    What makes it worse is the incompatibility of systems, and their inability to interact.
    I have always thought IT is there to aid and assist and not to replace, so always have paper and pen to hand for to note things of relevance
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  16. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

    This is why I never upgrade software unless I really have to. My old iPad 2 still runs iOS7 and there are no slowdowns or battery drains.

    I'm usually 1 or 2 years behind everything. That way if need to upgrade I get a version that has been tested by millions and perfected by all the bug fixes.
  17. Tyrsonswood

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  18. Adamskiffle

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    Shop around! It's still possible to buy durable, non-namby-pamby stuff which doesn't break just because you looked at it a bit funny....it's just harder than it used to be.
  19. Noserider

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    I've had my MacBook for 10 years now. It still serves its purpose.
  20. Asmodean

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    My preference as well! Ah, it also goes naturally :p
    I don't get people standing in line to be the first (and pay the most) to have the newest gadget

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