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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Cosmo4, May 16, 2004.

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    Well I'm going to be going on a vacation in two weeks. First we're going on a one-week cruise to Alaska, and then we're going to stay in Vancouver for another week. Alright, well I have a few questions:

    We're going to fly from Atlanta to Vancouver, and then we're going to board the cruise ship and leave. We're going to land in Alaska and hang out there for a little while (I don't know how long) and then we're going to head back to Vancouver. Then my family's going to stay in Vancouver for another week..in some hotel.

    Should I try to bring any pot with me? I definately don't want to bring it on the plane, but I might try to get some in either Alaska or Vancouver. Would it be easy to sneak the pot from Alaska (on land) onto the cruise ship? We went on a cruise last year and all they did was x ray you to see if you had any metal or anything.. I think I could get away with it.

    Then when I'm in Vancouver, I want to get some too. I would want to be able to drive the rental car we're going to get, but I don't know if I could. It would be in my dad's name, but I have a license too (I'm 16) so I don't know if I would be able to drive it or not. Does anyone know if I could or not?

    And I want to buy some pot there too, but I don't want to get ripped off. I have a feeling I'll just be cruisin' around lookin' for a shady looking guy..but I don't want to use that method. I've heard it's a lot easier to buy pot in Vancouver, but I don't know if that's actually true. I don't want to ask anyone for help, because that sounds suspicious..but does anyone know any good parts of Vancouver to go to? I mean there has to be a part of town where you can get some good deals and find dealers easily.

    Anyone care to help me out?

    If anyone lives in Vancouver, we could hang out or something, but I know noone's going to go for that.. maybe we could just meet up at a headshop or something and just chill? We don't have to do anything illegal because I know a lot of people (including myself) wouldn't be very comfortable smoking with someone they met on the internet.

    Thanks for the help, everyone. [​IMG]
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    Go find Blunt Brothers in Hastings I think, it's in Vancouver, you can't actually get it there, but they are people who will hook up a tourist.
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    There's ways you can bring it on planes. You could rap it up in lots of plastic cling-wrap and then stick it in a few plastic bags and put it in a shampoo bottle. Or cut the top off of a deoderant stick and stuff in down in the bottom, so even if someone WHERE to check that, it still looks like a deoderant stick. A lot of people put it in a jar of peanut butter, and then cover it so you can't see the pot or the bag. My brother and my friends have used all of these methods without fail, and it seems a better way to make sure you have pot, as apposed to buying it there. But good luck man.
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    about the rental car, i think you tell them who will be driving it when you rent it. probably the more people that drive (especially if one's a 16 year old male) the more expensive it is. so i think you'll have to have your parents tell them that, or just convince your parents to let you drive it anyways and make sure you don't wreck.

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