GOATCRAFT to play Housecore Horror Film Festival

Discussion in 'Heavy Metal' started by Conservationist, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. What’s GOATCRAFT aiming for by playing the Housecore Horror Film Festival?

    Goatcraft was offered to play this festival after one of the organizers, Corey Mitchell, saw one of my shows. Horror movies and soundtracks are very metal and have been a source of inspiration for countless metal bands. I think that Goatcraft will both shock and please the festival goers, as well as showcase how dark and violent piano music breaches all realms.

    Can you tell us a bit about the Housecore Horror Film Festival?

    Housecore Horror Film Festival is a three day festival consisting of enough horror films to desensitize even the most moral of people. Its goal is to merge horror flicks and metal under one exposition. I hope that they turn it into an annual festival after this one proves to be successful. Austin needs more blood and guts to ward off the hipsters.

    Goatcraft to play Housecore Horror Film Festival on October 24, 2013


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