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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Meagain, Jul 13, 2013.

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    Anyone remember when you got to tear down goal posts at football games?
    That's American football, btw.

    They used to be made out of wood and had two uprights that went the whole way to the ground. That was kinda neat because it gave the players twice as many chances to hit their heads on them and fall down and make funny noises. And they put the posts right on the goal line so they'd be easier to hit.

    Then after the game the fans of the winning team would all storm out onto the field and rip them down, smash them up, and haul them away.


    Then when you got home you could write stuff on the pieces you got and stick them up in your room as a sign of your manliness even though you couldn't make the football team. Like below:


    But then they passed a Federal law, I think, making them illegal and substituting steel ones. With only one leg. And they moved them back from the goal line and put padding all around.

    The wussification of America.
    Oh, we put up a fight and every now and again and one of those metal monsters still falls.


    But it's not the same as you can't break them up into little pieces and take them home.

    I think that Liberal Texas guy Johnson did this to us in an effort to destroy America, the land of the free. And the home of the brave. Part of the NWO's plan you see.

    Here's how I figure it....think of all the steel needed to supply every football field in the United States with not one, but two steel goal posts. A lot I'm betting. And what happened? All the steel in Pittsburgh got used up and now we have to import it from China. And now they own us!!! If we can't buy steel from them to make our goal posts, indebting us to them for many future generations, how are we going to build new football stadiums????

    And on top of that, when you go to Harbor Freight and buy a torque wrench to work on your Japanese car because it has the word Pittsburgh on it, and then take it home, you find out it's a piece of garbage made out of Communist China steel, not U.S.A. Pittsburgh steel.


    And so my friends this is what happens when I can't sleep and I randomly think of the time we tore down the first metal goal post that appeared on our high school football field so long ago, and how "stealth technology" and the Liberal NWO, has led to the total destruction of The American Way of Life.

  2. Frieden

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    Cool story. I read the first three sentences.

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