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Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by dixie_pixy, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. PhotoDude

    PhotoDude Member

    I believe that anywhere a man can be topless, so should a woman. I recently read someone about more and more cities are passing laws to that effect.
  2. NC_Sweetpea

    NC_Sweetpea Guest

    I think it is tacky and un-lady like. Men stare at their boobs enough as it is. My young son needs to respect a woman for her mentality and not her boobs pointing the way. Some women have enough common sense to cover themselves up well, while others, make fools of themselves. It can be nasty to see someone's boobs all perked up and standing at attention while I am trying to have a serious conversation. There is just a time and place for everything. Use common sense.
  3. sextant

    sextant Member

    I live at a Nudest Resort { not a Nudest Colony, we R not a bunch of Ants } & children who are raised in this atmosphere. Are just as Normal as other Children. They don't stare at people. They know men & women are different just as they do when people wear clothes. NUDE is not Lewd !!! People just enjoy the Suit they were BORN in !!!!!
  4. NC_Sweetpea

    NC_Sweetpea Guest

    Well that is different...if you lived around here in the south, the Bible belt capitol where people mock, talk about you, etc you would feel different. That is all...I mean, if I lived THERE, I would totally feel the same as you. I was not meaning to come off as offensive, I was just speaking of where I live. Trust me, it is not the best place in the world to be, and as soon as I have the resources, I am out of here. I apologize.
  5. Yeah I am aal for topless for women if men go pantless. Fair is fair. Even the stores have signs that say no shoes, no shirt, no service. This implies no pants are ok. Works for me. Frankly I don't want to see saggy boobs every where. I saw the french do it and I think it is grose.
  6. sylouette

    sylouette Guest

    there are other ways to get youre message through,be creative not degrading!!!!
  7. Hey babyjay! How about focusing in that photo and post that! Itsss-hot! :love:

  8. Chelsea Handler? Dat-chu baby? :daisy:
  9. Vestas

    Vestas Guest

    I am all for women expressing themselves. In Europe, its perfectly normal and considered the norm. I believe that its the government censorship that has put a bad title on sexuality. Sex is not a bad thing but it certainly has to be censored, don't want any one to be offended or it might impose on their rights. I think women and people would be a lot less self conscious about body image if it boobies weren't a "bad" thing.

    But for the status quo to change, censorship has to change. Women are not going topless just to be censored with a black strip in pictures. That defeats their purpose.
  10. lovelyfoxes

    lovelyfoxes Members

    Where I'm from (Ontario Canada) it is legal for woman to be topless , it has been for 20 plus years and it still doesnt happen, so it wouldnt matter if it was.

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