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Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by dixie_pixy, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy Refried Hippie

    What should my priorities be?? Since you seem to know that about me and think your priorities are a-okay!

    And childish IS my middle name. Dixie Childish Pixy. I have an odd sense of humor and live with a little person!
  2. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    find the thing that you think is the most important cause, the greatest injustice, the most urgent issue, the most worthwhile expenditure of your time and energy. campaign for that.

    if you have time left over to campaign for things that are trivial and selfish, try first to make peace with ones with whom you clash, and don't devote any more to it than it is really worth.
  3. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy Refried Hippie

    Yeah... I do that already!
    The majority of my time I spend working for women and LGBTs. I want to open a women's shelter and council gay teens. I'm actually on my doing that.
    This boob thing is a pet project. Just something I find interesting! And yeah, I'm educated! ;) Kay!?
  4. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    this in particular sounds like a worthy cause

    I still find this trivial, a waste of time, and counterproductive. have fun petting the boobs.
  5. The Earth

    The Earth Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha

    If youre hot people will stare at you and get horny, if youre ugly people will be repulsed. Whats the point?
  6. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    Compared to some other things it might be trivial; and I do agree that it's counterproductive, because it certainly isn't the right social-climate for such a discussion; but you don't have to be so harsh, dude.

    Cause this already doesn't happen with sheer clothing, tight clothing, mini-skirts, muscle shirts, hairdos, pheromones..

    Sure they are. If I were to play with your nipples, (and you weren't creeped out by me,) you'd probably enjoy it, wouldn't you? Might even start tingling in your pants.
    Surely, I would start to feel a rush of hormones to the lower half of my body.

    Now, we could hold hands - and it would feel rather nice; but it'd be a lot friendlier, relaxing even; I could even get away with that without losing my girlfriend =P

    The development of breasts is theorized to have happened during a point in evolution where we were beginning to walk more upright, and we needed something else to cue us in for sex. Previously, the ass was what triggered us males; so the body made a new growth of voluptuousness in the front, for our new face-to-face positioning: the breasts.

    Breasts are not needed for milking. Nipples and a small cavity for milk production do fine. Men can even lactate when trained. There are animals with 6 nipples and a need to produce milk for all 6 nipples that do not have breasts.

    The argument that breasts aren't sexual is not only illogical, but it's a counterproductive excuse.
  7. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    ok, it was pretty harsh.

    I think that reading phrases like



    "It's about fairness!"

    set me off.

    if she had said something like, "yeah, it's kinda pointless, but we did it for laughs" I probably wouldn't have given a shit.
  8. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    Honestly, if it was absolutely possible for society to function properly with women being topless, I would understand. Unfortunately, we live in a society where nudity is more disdained than revered. Can you imagine heterosexual men getting anything accomplished when they are merely staring at naked breasts? If it became the norm to see them everyday, certainly, but society does not want to risk the downslope of productivity to see that happen. Besides, breasts are the equivalent of the penis when it comes to exposed genitalia. Humanity simply does not have the capacity to fully exist in a nude state other than in intimate, personal, private circumstances.
  9. Running the risk of springing wood in public, I'd support it. Mainly because I'm tired of seeing dudes walk around without shirts.
  10. PiscesCub

    PiscesCub Member

    I could give two shits either way. They are nice to look at, but they really do nothing for me. I'd rather see an appendage that resides lower down on the male body.

    That being said, I could really care less if people were fully naked in public.
  11. Mayor Salt

    Mayor Salt Member

    I don't think it should be illegal anywhere male toplessness isn't (and where I live, it's not) and it should be up to people's personal comfort level whether to go bare or not.
  12. babyjay

    babyjay Senior Member

    i think i should be allowed to go topless everywhere, if i want to. i don't understand why parents are like 'kids can see that!' don't you have boobs too? didn't they suck on them for the first year of their life? whats the difference now? if i were to be obviously engaged in a sexual activity, alright, that's a little inappropriate. idunno. just not a fan of the whole concept of sheltering your children.
  13. floes

    floes Senior Member

    NY already lets girls have their tops off, anywhere a man could have theirs off;

    Other states including

    District of Columbia 1986; Ohio 1995; Idaho 1998, Maine 1998
  14. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    I really dont see a big deal about it!
  15. xomadison

    xomadison Guest

    (this is a long post, but i saw it on a girls blog and agreed. her blog is Beautilation.tumblr.com)

    I’m a feminist and I don’t believe I should be walking around topless just because I feel like it.
    The whole issue feminists have about women not being able to go topless in public is very ignorant to me. Not in the personal or social way, but just in the lack of facts, research, or general respect for why breasts are covered (and surprise, it’s not because tits are enslaved by society and dirty pillows are seen as unholy weapons.) It seems like one of those new wave feminist issues that are so beside the point of actual sexual equality that it’s just complaining with a huge sense of un-based entitlement. Ladies, you have the right to be topless in public- you just do it in a specific setting where people expect to see it happen (and you often can make money from doing it in that setting, win win.) You think you should just have the right to do whatever the fuck you want with your body in public? Nobody has the right to do whatever the fuck they want to do with their bodies in general public, but everyone has the right to do just about anything this side of murder with their bodies, with other people around, in specific settings. That’s not something to try and rebel against or feel restrained by, it is like that all around the world for a reason and has been that way for centuries, and if you’d take your head out of your ass to give the human race and evolution a little more credit for being pretty fucking intelligent and logical most of the time, you might see why complaining is futile and a waste of time.
    People pro-toplessness often bring up the fact that we are born naked and thus it’s only a societal barrier which has enforced the idea of covering up. Not so, at all. The earliest forms of man and woman were densely hairy in the very sensitive and important chest, genitals and buttocks areas. As we evolved over years, our bodies became less and less hairier, and to adapt, we covered our most sensitive body regions with animal hides to protect from harm and the elements. It was not Adam and Eve inventing the idea of clothes to equal modesty, it is the sheer fact that a woman’s breasts and male and female genital/ anal areas are very sensitive and very important to reproduction and nurturing; the genitals are essential for conceiving and the breasts were essential to feeding the baby. Thus, these areas- becoming more and more vulnerable to the elements with years of becoming less hairy- were covered for protection through the use of hides or other natural materials. Frankly, it wasn’t until organized religion was created that there was any correlation between covering the breasts and genitals and morality, decency, or gender inequality.
    And then there’s the fact that a woman saying “they are just breasts, They are not sexual on their own and there is no real difference between a female’s breast and a man’s breast or chest”. Of course it’s easy for a woman to think and say that- they’re not men, no shit you don’t see a real difference between the two! Most men cannot help but see bare breasts in front of them in a sexual way- it is biological, plain and simple. It derails their focus, triggers their reproductive instincts, the very specific and literal target that they are to a man’s pituitary gland. Let’s not try and create a problem or a bad guy where there is none. It’s not the media’s fault that men get turned on by a naked tit- it’s something they have been coded to be attracted to and to respond to sexually, to covet and to expect to remain “protected” by clothing in the majority of public outdoor settings.
  16. DrummingJoey

    DrummingJoey Member

    I believe that a woman has the right to go topless, but I also believe she has a social responsibility to do it only in appropriate places.
  17. Dangjames

    Dangjames Guest

    Look man no one loves tits more than I do, but I just think it would eventually be normal and that will take the sex appeal completely away over time. And I don't know what Id do if tits were just as common as me without my shirt. Damn that would sux!!
  18. i think its really cool that these women are fighting for what is in fact there right, personally i think there is a time and a place for everything evan a man who walks into a resturant shirtless for eg they will likely be refused entry, this makes sense, but women having to go to special beaches or hide in there own homes just to be themselves is a bit sad in this day and age, dont u think?
    the female body is a beautifull thing, id be happy to see this but at the beach etc and places its excepted for males to be shirtless not just im going to the shops to get some milk and bread and im not wearing a top cause it should be my right as a women, i think most ppl who see guys walking around public half dressed are show pony;s it would be no diffrent for females, male shirtless tuff guy wanna be looking for a fight female shirtless thinks shes hot looking for a goodtime, its all bullshit sterotyping mabey its just hot
  19. it shouldnt matter what u wear ur person is spirit not clothing
  20. There is a time and a place for everything, just know when that time any place is......

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