GMO plants (genetically modified organism)

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by lost1, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I have been thinking about GMO plants (genetically modified organism) and the issue of cross contamination of crops. If a Bee or other insect should, in the process of pollination, cause genetically modified organism to be taken from one plant to another, and cross pollinize another farmers crop. Would that be considered to be an act of God? Would farms and companies claiming cross contamination be unable to sue the other for damages? Would the farmer infected with the modified material be able to use the new crop without issue? as it could be considered the will of God, or would the infected farmer be in a position to sue for the damage to his crop? If a GMO crop farmer were to sue, how could they prove that it did not in a sense “entrap” the other farmer or in fact use this to create a monopoly? A little like a pyramid scam designed to run out competition and corner a market? Furthermore, what if the bee is producing honey that was created from genetically modified plants, is this honey…now contaminated, the property of the GMO creator?
    It also occurred to me that if a company can sue or take the crop of a farmer that has there GMO material in it, then why can his bees and animals not be taken. And the reverse of this...if a company that creates GMO S cant sue a farmer and take his bees or animals that had there GMO material present in them, then doesn't it follow that they should not be able to sue or take his crop, based on the same argument e.g. act of God, entrapment, pyramid scam, unfair monopoly of market. And what is the responsibility of the GMO creator and his crop to ensure he does not contaminate the crop of others?
    Should you and I be more concerned about this?
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    Monsanto has been successfully suing farmers for unknowingly growing their gmos for years.

    The fact that farmers can't sue them for contaminating their crops confuses and irritates me.

    I often wonder if the means by which a corporation unzips, alters and re-zips genes could potentially cause an overall deterioration of genetic material on earth. DNA is just not meant to be hand-coded for profit.

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