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Discussion in 'The Environment' started by eccofarmer, May 21, 2004.

  1. eccofarmer

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    My question is with global warming does anyone know if places like north dakota, maine and washington will get colder or warmer????Allso places like arizona,new mexico and texas i have herd would be more desert like in conditions.Places like Montana would be the better for trying to survive.Have any of you read or herd anything on this?????
  2. eccofarmer

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    I just got an e-mail from a friend from Coos Bay Oregon that stated that afew weeks back from the state of Oregon was telling folks that lived in the area to be more prepared for flooding this year.He is scared as others .Though when i lived there you new that could happen anytime.With the artic melting and the water leval rising in the oceans how do those who live in these areas prepare if any???This is what brought me to doing this post.Many brothers and sisters that i talk to keep saying there are safer areas to move to.I do not see any place as being safer but some would be better than others.What are your thoughts on this???
  3. Crumb

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    Global warming is the cause for a lot of climate change world wide, to make an assumption based on something that is lacking of a lot of scientific agreement (such as where one should live) is difficult at this point-in-time. Suffice to say that most everyone will probably experience cold/warm snaps and increasingly different weather patterns, as the earth continues to warm. However, there is no need for concern for yourself, but rather we should focus on the lives of future generations....the question should not be "where should I live, or hide, or camp out," it should be what can we as a people do to try and lesson the effects of global warming and perhaps one day rid ourselves of it. No matter where you move there will be phenomena beyond your control, such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, ice-cap melting doesn't so much concern me in the area of how the oceans are rising...than say, how much longer will we have fresh water for the already bulging population.
  4. eccofarmer

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    Crumb you hit that so much on the spot.That is why i posted this thread.Myself i am working on myself spiritual and howw i may help future
    mankind.This no small task.I will still live on my farm in the east coast and work each day to do my part to better the world and those around me.
    Thank you so much for your reply.
  5. Global warming? What proof? There's more proof that the Earth goes through climate cycles.

    In the 1500's... the Earth was about a degree hotter on average than it is today.
  6. CyberFly

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    I read a study from Sweden that global warming is not a problem.

    Why?: Because we will run out of fossil fuels within the next 50 years.
    The atmosphere will return to normal after that.

  7. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    I agree. blahblah
  8. Scholar_Warrior

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  9. eccofarmer

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    Hey Scholar _Warrior great link.I sent that one out to alot of friends.Thanks!!!!!!!!
  10. CowBoyKim

    CowBoyKim Member

    All I can tell you here in Grand Forks, this year has started out alot cooller than years past. It has been averaging 40s to high 50s.
  11. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    i think what happens is that as the poles warm up, there is more cold water in the air. these clouds reflect more sunlight away from the earth, resulting in cooler temperatures. although the average earth temp will rise, the effects youll feel will actually feel cooler. in 1800 befor the industrial revolution, the average temp on the earth surface was -30 degrees. now its about +30 degrees. it will take a long time to get from 31 to 33, but once it does i think thats when cataclysmic changes will occour. youd then want to be at least 600 feet above sea level at that point, in some parts of the world youd want to be higher.

    judging by what we know now, i would think argentena or ohio pa new york are probably the safest places in our hemesphere, these places offer the greates protection from glaciers and mudslides and active volcanoes. its all a guess even if your the best scientest in the world. now a biodiesel helicopter may come in handy, or an arc.
  12. kayatree

    kayatree Member

    What proof? Ugh... research brother. There's plenty of it.

    You're right though - the earth has undergone many different climate changes throughout history (I'm not too sure about the 1500's though). It doesn't mean that the use of fossil fuels aren't influencing the climate now.

    with love,
  13. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

  14. metro

    metro self-banned

    Most experts are calling it global climate change because not all areas will warm, some will get colder. It's obvious that human activities are having an impact on the earth's climate. We are changing the composition of the atmosphere, anyone who doesn't think that will have an effect on climate is a dimwit. I've noticed changes where I live and just watching the weather around other parts of the U.S. and the rest of the world, it's clear that weather is getting more severe and unpredictable. There are a lot of problems that come along with this- disease, increased unsuitable farmland, insect-borne diseases, flooding, etc. I'm worried about the animals who are highly adapted to an environment which is changing too rapidly for them to evolve. They have nowhere to go, there are not enough corridors for them to travel north and mountain species can't keep going up. So basically they are trapped. Polar bears are starving because the ice sheets are not present as long as they used to be in winter. It's all very sad.
  15. jerry420

    jerry420 Doctor of everything Lifetime Supporter

    its actually getting progressively warmer over the yers in the northeast ive noticed, last summer we had way more 80 and 90 degree days than in previous years. its been getting progressively worse.
  16. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    Maybe its out of our control anyway....we are merely passing animals on this planet ...

    [size=+3]J[/size]ust how much of the "Greenhouse Effect" is caused by human activity?

    It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account-- about 5.53%, if not.

    This point is so crucial to the debate over global warming that how water vapor is orisn't factored into an analysis of Earth's greenhouse gases makes the difference between describing a significant human contribution to the greenhouse effect, or a negligible one.

    [​IMG]Water vapor constitutes Earth's most significant greenhouse gas, accounting for about 95% of Earth's greenhouse effect [size=-1](4)[/size]. Interestingly, many "facts and figures' regarding global warming completely ignore the powerful effects of water vapor in the greenhouse system, carelessly (perhaps, deliberately) overstating human impacts as much as 20-fold.

    Water vapor is 99.999% of natural origin. Other atmospheric greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and miscellaneous other gases (CFC's, etc.), are also mostly of natural origin (except for the latter, which is mostly anthropogenic).

    Human activites contribute slightly to greenhouse gas concentrations through farming, manufacturing, power generation, and transportation. However, these emissions are so dwarfed in comparison to emissions from natural sources we can do nothing about, that even the most costly efforts to limit human emissions would have a very small-- perhaps undetectable-- effect on global climate.

    I like/prefer this sort of positivity...Ok we may BE choking ourselves (wich needs fixing , and is being fixed with more effecient and 'clean technologies ) but choking the planet ...probably not..

    I could smoke 40 fags day and live to 110 . Or i could not smoke and keal over at 30. Life is too short to worry about enviromental damage we have nothing to do with..enviromentalism is a good thing clean up 'our' enviroment but lets not worry about the planet..

    Disaster films like 'The day after tommorow' have flimsy science behind them ... but they just bolster the fear factor..
  17. metro

    metro self-banned

    Our contributions to greenhouse gases are very relevant. The science is there, sure it would be easy enough to ignore it and live your life w/o a care, but if you have any consideration for future human generations or animals that are being adversely affected by global warming you will want to do something about it. We have modified the planet more than any other species, to the detriment of all others we share this planet with. As the poles (a natural carbon sink) warm, forests burn down, and trees are cut down, more carbon is released into the atmosphere. The amt. of water vapor isn't an issue because we are not contributing to it. The carbon dioxide is and that is why that info is talked about. I have an Env. Science degree and my professors did tell us that water vapor is easily the most dominant greenhouse gas, but human activity is not modifying it to the degree we are modifying carbon.
    The person who put together that info you posted is probably a radical conservative.
  18. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    There is some more stuff a few posts up .. maybe you could tell if it was done by radical conservatives..

    I do care about the enviroment . I am a vegeterian who likes GM technologies (have you heard of Futuragene) . I am under the illusion farming is the biggest enviromental threat .. going back to old ways is not the way forward , but i digress (sorry). I don't have a Env Science Degree . What would you do if you found out that we were not the culprits . I don't want our societies to get any more vulgar than they are now .... What do you think if all these sorts of things were actualy out of our hands . If you have always been an enviromentalist or that way enclined , would you still almost demand that it was not true .... I would like to see any information you may be able to provide that disputes what was in my posts , i would be very intrested..thanks.
  19. metro

    metro self-banned

    Hello again matthew,
    I would like to post up some info but, you can do a search on your computer as well as I can and I'm not in school anymore so I don't feel like doing another research paper [​IMG], but any rudimentary search will provide info to dispute the viewpts you've discovered. Anyways, I just suspect the majority of the people who publicly doubt global climate change have ulterior motives, mostly having to do with money (or they listen to and believe people like Rush Limbaugh). It's true no one can forsee the future, but that might be the most frightening aspect, that we don't know. We don't know all the changes that might happen, but many sound theories suggest (costly)disaster. Why take that chance? and to answer your other question, I have always cared for the environment and I advocate all practices that benefit the env. and most of the preventive measures for climate change will also improve the env. -so nothing really bad comes of prevention only perhaps less profit for industries. I have to say that that is not a great concern to me.[​IMG]
    I applaud your vegetarianism, you are doing well for the environment.
  20. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    I have ... i just wanted to see were the information you make YOUR opinions , comes from . Thats all.

    I just wondered if you were 'into' the enviroment before you did your degree , and if that had any effect on the way you (question open to others actualy) just upholds your inner feelings ... you found facts that fitted with your opinion... i am aware this could be the case with me as well... i am not trying to take a dig or anything.. it just seems that my gut reaction was that mans affect on the planet was irrelevant , so i will probably always favour information that is slanted that way ... I asked , if in the future scientists do a u turn and my (and others) so called naive view was found to be true... would it be like finding out the world was round .... would you except or reject.

    I think i will always think that everything wil be fine , and there is nothing to worry about..:sunglasse but i always like reading the other side of the coin..

    My anti greeness comes from a dislike of the OTT opinions of Greenpeace , and The green party . I want change and the enviroment is important. O n the other hand i don't see every big business is corrupt and greedy (on the whole) and nasty goverments don't care a hoot about the enviroment .. I see the general public , the most to blame. But like blaming parents for obese kids , that thought does always go down well , because you can't realy change the public they are set in there ways..and they just say its a nanny state or something daft like that.

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