Global Warming 3 times faster than worst predictions!

Discussion in 'Global Warming' started by skip, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Yes, the lastest report by the US Academy of Sciences reviewing the most recent data indicates that since the year 2000 Global Warming is occuring three times faster than the WORST scenarios predicted before.

    The facts are very SCARY indeed:

    Global warming 'is three times faster than worst predictions'

    By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
    Global warming is accelerating three times more quickly than feared, a series of startling, authoritative studies has revealed.

    They have found that emissions of carbon dioxide have been rising at thrice the rate in the 1990s. The Arctic ice cap is melting three times as fast - and the seas are rising twice as rapidly - as had been predicted.

    News of the studies - which are bound to lead to calls for even tougher anti-pollution measures than have yet been contemplated - comes as the leaders of the world's most powerful nations prepare for the most crucial meeting yet on tackling climate change.

    The issue will be top of the agenda of the G8 summit which opens in the German Baltic resort of Heiligendamm on Wednesday, placing unprecedented pressure on President George Bush finally to agree to international measures.

    Tony Blair flies to Berlin today to prepare for the summit with its host, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. They will discuss how to tackle President Bush, who last week called for action to deal with climate change, which his critics suggested was instead a way of delaying international agreements.

    Yesterday, there were violent clashes in the city harbour of Rostock between police and demonstrators, during a largely peaceful march of tens of thousands of people protesting against the summit.

    The study, published by the US National Academy of Sciences, shows that carbon dioxide emissions have been increasing by about 3 per cent a year during this decade, compared with 1.1 per cent a year in the 1990s.

    The significance is that this is much faster than even the highest scenario outlined in this year's massive reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - and suggests that their dire forecasts of devastating harvests, dwindling water supplies, melting ice and loss of species are likely to be understating the threat facing the world.

    The study found that nearly three-quarters of the growth in emissions came from developing countries, with a particularly rapid rise in China. The country, however, will resist being blamed for the problem, pointing out that its people on average still contribute only about a sixth of the carbon dioxide emitted by each American. And, the study shows, developed countries, with less than a sixth of the world's people, still contribute more than two-thirds of total emissions of the greenhouse gas.

    On the ground, a study by the University of California's National Snow and Ice Data Center shows that Arctic ice has declined by 7.8 per cent a decade over the past 50 years, compared with an average estimate by IPCC computer models of 2.5 per cent.

    In yesterday's clashes, masked protesters hurled flagpoles, stones and bottles and attacked with sticks forcing police to retreat. The police said they were suffering "massive assaults" and that the situation was "very chaotic". They put the size of the demonstration at 25,000; organisers said it was 80,000.
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    why is it getting cooler then...

    Global warming rally cut short by cold weather
    Posted: 4/15/2007

    "More than two dozen demonstrators braved cold, wet weather Saturday in Reno to attend a rally designed to draw attention to global warming.

    The event was cut short by heavy rain and sleet, said organizer Lisa Stiller of the Northern Nevada Coalition for Climate Change.

    "It's kind of disappointing that the weather kept people away," Stiller said. "But, we still think it (climate change) is something that people should talk about."

    The storm prevented the use of solar ovens for a potluck picnic, Stiller said, and caused the planned two-hour dem
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    Well there are things you can do to help reduce the amount of harm you are causing the enviroment, you can do this by offsetting your carbon on websites such as; . On these sites you are able to prevent climate change by funding ethical reforestation projects. I personally found that was the best site for this because of their strong relationships with other non-profit organizations
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    Good job guys. You're right, the weather in two places on the planet over two short periods of time is enough to lead us to believe that the climate of the planet is actually cooling.

    Going off of that logic, I heard that a person somewhere lost their job--irrefutable proof we've just gone into a recession. Shortly after I heard that two people got hired--irrefutable proof that the economy is booming.

    Get real guys.

    The climate is warming much faster than predicted mean, sea level is rising much faster than the predicted mean, Greenland's ice is melting much faster than the predicted mean, and Antarctica is losing ice leaps and bounds ahead of what we used to think it could.

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    You do know that global warming actually cools things down, right?

    Because as the ice caps melt the ocean temperature drops. The drop isn't sharp or even something you'd really notice, but even a degree or two difference can change the entire planet's weather patterns and climate.
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    Hey, according to your lover-boy Dr. Hansen, you can reconstruct the temperature on the entire planet from the tree rings found in one tree.

    Ewww, scathing... Man, I never thought people would figure out that all of climatology is based on a single tree core. Crap, now what do we do that the word has gotten out that all we ever had was a single tree core? Blast, I knew we should've taken a second or even a third core, and even from different trees. If only we had more than just that single tree core :(

    ...what? We took more than one? There's other evidence too? Wait, so we've got more than just that one tree core? You're kidding! ;)

    Ditto those: I think you meant Arctic. The Antarctic is getting thicker.

    No, I meant Antarctic. Antarctica has lost ice way, way ahead of schedule. Actually, until recently we weren't sure it WOULD lose ice, but surely enough it has. The arctic is losing ice too, of course.

    Well, back in the day the beardy wierdies were telling us we were all going to freeze to death.

    Yup, there are periodically articles about impending ice ages and such in the popular media. There have been ever since the concept of an "ice age" was discovered. As it turns out though, the popular media is not the outlet for the world's scientists, and certainly not the climatologists. Climatologists have recognized the possiblity of global warming (not cooling) since before the 50's.

    Oh, and the term "climate change" was adopted by the Bush administration to be used in all government documents. The obvious conotation here is that "climate change" sounds less offensive than "global warming."

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    Yeah, basically. I mean, they overlooked the whole Medieval Warm period. You know we used to farm in Greenland? SSSSHHH don't tell the Gore patrol. They'll freak.

    Yup, the whole North Atlantic (including northern Europe) experienced a warm period from about 800 - 1300 AD. The effect was strongest on the shores of Greenland, where it was much warmer than it is today. So, since it was warmer in Greenland and nearby areas, that's proof positive that the global climate was much warmer, right? I mean, something happening in one place means that it has to be the same everywhere else, right? There's no way that it would be possible for a region to experience a warming trend

    Wait, wasn't there also cooling in southern Europe during this period? Didn't Africa (especially west Africa) experience cooler, drier weather. Wasn't the Pacific characterized by the most extensive ENSO oscillations characterized during the holocene? Oh yes, that's right, the medievel warm period was a warm period for the North Atlantic and areas that border it and does not imply in any way that the rest of the planet was substantially warmer.

    You could have looked at more than one. That's what real scientists would do.

    Man, I knew that would come back to bite us in the butt. "Let's look at more than one tree core from more than one tree more than once to describe the climate history of the planet," I said. Those darn climatologists never listen to me, just sitting in their offices, not taking field samples, not analyzing glacial cores, not analyzing tree corals, not analyzing coral cores, not analyzing stalagmites, not taking measurements of any kind or working on the results--just sitting in their offices, staring blankly at the wall.

    Then why is the Antarctic ice sheet getting thicker?
    Here's something else that's funny - the Canadian eggheads want more money from the federal government to buy top grade icebreakers, cause the ones they WERE using aren't sufficient to break through ice that they used to plow through.

    Once again, the antarctic is losing ice. This was reported over a year ago in Science here

    Cherry picking. The hysteria in the 70s was about global freezing. And as for popular culture not being the battleground, bullshit. Why are we having all these anti-Global Warming ROCK CONCERTS, HYSTERICAL PROPAGANDA MOVIES (An Inconvenient Truth, etc) etc? Shit, the Enviro-douchetards have now come up with wanderingmind42, some guy on YouTube saying we don't NEED to know what's up with Global Warming, cause Pascal's Wager will show us the True Course of Action (he tacks on at the end that Global Warming is true and it will be Apocalyptic, eclipsing EVERY other problem on the globe.)

    Show me a peer-reviewed article endorsing the idea that we were heading towards immenent "global freezing" from the 1970's if you please... No, popular media and books do not count. That is not science, that is the press. Scientists communicate through professional journals, not through the press.

    AND by every libtard out there tired of having someone point to the thermometer in a record cold snap. "That's WEATHER. We're talking about CLIMATE" is another good one.

    Well, obviously if it happened one place one time that's proof positive, right ;) C'mon now, don't be silly.

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    My God ignorance is lame

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