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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by Bassplayerjojo, May 16, 2004.

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    I would love to get into this, as I would love to make my own pendants and stuff like that. I was wondering what equipment I would need to start. And obviously it's not something that runs much should I spend? Thanks peeps.
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    Hey hon!
    Glassblowing is an expensive habit! My hubby spent about $3000 just to get started...that's for his torch, kiln and tools. He actually got a pretty good deal on it all. He works with boro/pyrex, which is a bit more expensive than morretti (soft glass).

    If you are just looking to make beads and pendants, i would suggest starting with lampworking soft glass. With soft glass you can just use Mapp gas and a hothead. i think you still need a kiln, though. The glass is much less expensive too, comes in way more colors and is easier to work. i would start with that before investing too much.

    Check out , or

    They should have glass bead making kits, tools and information.
    Good luck, it's very addictive!!
    brightest blessings,
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    Tree is right, it is pretty expensive. A kiln is not a must at the beginning, but if you are selling the stuff you make, it really is a necessity. It makes the glass so much more durable and will make it last way longer. I only work with moretti and to get started, I spent less than $600..not including the kiln. I got that a few weeks later. There are still some more things I need/want, but I need to hold off for a while. :)

    Check out the kits here at Sundance It is where I got my initial set up. Comes with all the basic things you need, other than the tanks. Also, you want to make sure you have a proper place to set up with good ventilation. It is not a craft you can just set up anywhere. You will have glass shards everywhere. My husband still has a sliver in his foot from 2 weeks ago. Oops! :(

    Other than the cost and other stuff, it is highly addicting. :) If you do go forward with it, you will see what I mean.

    Good Luck!
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    It looks so fun! I saw someone doing it at the Renaissance Festival last year. I should have asked to be his apprentice.... ;)

    Hopefully, someday I'll be able to do it.
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    I have been wanting to learn it... Its is Expensive to and extent... They have begginer kits that cost about $500 (not including kiln) you dont need the kiln right away... Look around.. There is a Kiln place near me... Its a local artis who has several and will charge you a small amount to fire your stuff... Check around... there might be someone like that near you... I love glass... I Wanted to take some classes that they offer around here.. Just haven't gotten that far yet...
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    I talked to a glassblower that told me that it takes ten to fifteen years off your life...

    EEK, kinda scary!
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    everyone is right, esp. about the kiln. It is a great hobby though, I absolutely love it. My mom and I have tanks set up in the basement side by side and we spend hours down there. They gave you some great sites, but one more is It's a huge artist community. Go to glass art and you can share tips, look at pictures, ect. They have every kind of art there as well...great place to check out. Good luck yo you if you start this venture...if you do, post your art. i'd love to see it!

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