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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by gonzobug, May 19, 2004.

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    I was just watching coverage of Rudy Guiliani at the 9/11 hearings and got totally sick at the way the family members of victims were heckling him and making total asses of themselves! Whatever someone thinks of Bush orRudy, personally i like neither one, it comes down to the fact that he did the absolute best he could on that day, no one else has ever been in that position , no one could have reasonably foreseen it,to disputthat, there are outstanding questions regarding preparedness, but NYC could only do waht they wer advised to by the FBI and CIA and weve all seen just how helpful and cooperative they are....
    the few people interviewed were"outraged' because he didnt give them 'answeres' as to why teir loved ones died.....its too simple to say that they died cause some chickenshit brainwashed backwoods fucks crashed their plane into a building, everyone nowadays wants'closure" or 'answers' when in reality they think they feel better having someone to point the finger at...just my rant for the day, I have recently come to the conclusion that the biggest problem this world faces is simple cowardice and lazines, its easier to bitch and let emotions fly than to ACT to actually amke a change..just look at many osrs on this site an se for yourselves... so amny rant about how evil Bush is and how hes the worst thing to hapen to this country, bit how many are actually trying to get people think ratioanlly and reasonable about how to get rid of him? I for one think if we( yes WE, you me and everyone else on here!) would work together maybe, just maybe we might couldspread that to others an actually make a change......that is if hippies really want change......
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    By having the "get rid of bush" attitude you are majoring in minors. Bush is not at the root of what is happening. He is just the spokesperson, or CEO if you will.

    Corporations and Capitalism is the real world wide problem.
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    EXACTLY but its easier to sit back an blame someone( Bush in this case) than to put forth thought and actually be productive in working out the problem or finding a real answer. many of the peopel who bitch about bush think that by simply voting him out of office that wil solve everything, but what about the puppetmasters, theoil and busines execs pullin the strings? who wil they get in their pockets when hes gone? and my biggest gripe...CONGRESS! nobody seems to mind these asholes siting in WASh for 20 or 30 years making careers out of out pockets
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    Well, they're families died in a tragedy that could have been prevented and they're lashing out for good reason. No one wants to take the blame.

    We're going to go through hearing after hearing after hearing for years but I know that not once is anyone going to get up on a podium and say that it was their fault. Simply, the government was arrogant and refused to acknowledge the potential for an attack and we paid the price for it.

    I'd be pretty fucking pissed too if everyone was pointing fingers yet wasn't taking the blame.

    What's worse is no one has learned from this tragedy. All the spineless politicians are using the victims as stepping stones for their careers.

    I think IMO George Bush is a lot smarter than he lets on, and we shouldn't underestimate him. He's ruining this country and its about time people voted him out of office.

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