give bj's its safer.

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by torz, May 12, 2004.

  1. torz

    torz Member

    most nights spent at home i listen to my local radio talk show, nick magerison on Hallam FM (south yorkshire region). various topics are disgussed from 9pm till 1am, people phoning in giving there views & opinions.

    i was disgussed to hear last night that the govenment are thinking about teaching kids to give oral sex rather than full sex as its safer! i was also outraged last week to hear that the govenment are thinking about selling condoms at lunchtime in schools.

    why do the govenment insist on encouraging children that are under the legal age of concent to have sex. surley the problem of teenage pregnanceys & STI's are more to do with mis-information not that condoms arnt available to teenages.

    i'm just turned 20y/o & left school just under 4 years ago, the sex education we had at that time was terable. in the second year of secondary school we learnt about cromasomes & how the sex of a baby is determind. in the third year the girls had a woman come in and tell us about periods & in the last year we had a two hour lesson on sex a month before we actually left. what is the point in having a sex education lesson at 16 years old, at this time 60% of teenages had already had sex and everyone knew about it.

    now i know not much has changed because my younger brother has just left secondary & i have nephews at primary one of whom is a year from leaving.

    dont you think the govenment need to re-think there sex education policy. all we learnt in sex ed was about different contiception like the pill & condoms & what there used for. we learnt a little about different STIs and how you catch them.

    maybe if they tought teenages (around 13/14y/o) about sex, tell them how its something thats only ment to be reserved for adults in a stable loving relationship & focus on the bad aspects of sex. they should show detailed pictures & videos of problems that can occure from having (unpretected) sex. they should teach them that there is no such thing as safe sex, only SAFER sex. they should focus on the bad aspects of sex & the bad aspects of have a baby while still a teenager (eg, loss of childhood, while your friends are all out going to night clubs your staying at home looking after baby, the expense etc).

    one thing i forgot to say was how is teaching kids to give oral sex bring the STIs rate down? ok it may bring the rate of teen pregnanceys down but what about STIs, syphalis is can be contracted through oral sex, also many people dont know that hepititus can be contracted through oral sex. having a coldsore is dangerous, giving someone oral sex while having a coldsore can be crossed over to genital herpies which is not curable & can be contracted through sex even when wearing a condom. how is this good sex education?

    what does everybody else think about this subject?
  2. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    Thats crazy...but true i suppose

    sex education should be better, although saying that mine wasent that bad
  3. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    Are you sure your info is legit? People say a lot of 3rd hand rubbish on these shows.
  4. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    i've just been assured that when you go for an A.I.D's test they tell you that oral is better....
  5. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    SH:eek: cking!!!!!
  6. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

  7. torz

    torz Member

    i know what your saying but the topics from the show dont come from people just phoning in, the topics are from what's on the 9pm news. i know people can come up with some right shite but the topics have to be true or they wouldnt be worth discussing.

    & spyder when you go for an AIDS test they might tell you oral is better but why encourage kids that are under the legal age for sex to give blow jobs why not encourage then not to have sex & the dabgers of sex, try & put them off.

    oral sex maybe better but there are still high risks with regards to certain STI's that can be contracted through oral sex, especially genital herpes which cant be cured.
  8. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Simple. It doesn't work.
  9. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    i know it's off topic...but did anyone else get little links when the words sex, legal or home came up?
  10. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    yeah yeah yeah i know, twas just a random thing that i knew
  11. torz

    torz Member

    how do you know it dosnt. a few weeks back on the TV they showed a program called Lads army and before they finished & parraded they showed them a sex video what they still show now. it shows peoples jenitals dropping off, the sores you can get, puss comming out of your jenitals that kind of stuff. surely if they showed this to kids at school it would put them off or at least make them use pretection which the government want anyway.
  12. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    Yup :mad:

    We get condoms given out at school free. I think it's actually quite a good idea. I think if people are gonna have sex then they'll do it anyway...but if condoms are available they're more likely to use them.
  13. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    From year 7-9 I went to a Catholic school...they weren't allowed to teach us about contraception so went into a lot of detail about was pretty horrible...
  14. chickabean

    chickabean Senior Member

    i think its really sad and shocking what kids are taught in schools today with regards to sex. i feel really strongly about this issue...just before easter i actually had a meeting with my local mp up at westminster to talk about this very subject and i think he was taken aback by the approach of me and my friends. we basically went there to talk to him about how we feel sex education these days is pratcially sex promotion and how sad we think it is that abstinence is not talked about let alone celebrated in schools. we went to him with the proposal of teaching one partner for life in sex education as opposed to assuming that kids will experiment with who ever whenever. i actually think children should be given far more respect thatn they are given at the moment. i hate the fact that the government presume that children will go and have sex whtever they say , as if we are just animals or something acting upon instinct. they dont seem to realise that the way children are taught about sex in schools and the constant infiltration of sex in the media and in current society cultiveste a belief within these young people that having sex with as many or whoever is the done thing. i believe that they sdhould at least be givent eh option of abstaining from sex by being educated about the emotional and spiritual sides of this issue.

    me and my friends have now been referred to MP Steve Twigg who is a educationsl minister for london to discuss our feelings on this issue further so it would be great to get some more feedback from you guys. i beleive that the state if the sex eduation in our schools at the moment is only helpin to increase the numbers of STD's and unwanted pregnancies. its scary and very very sad

    love luchi xxx
  15. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Has anti-drugs information stopped kids experimenting with drugs? Has anti-smoking information stopped people experimenting with tobaco? And frankly, I think a good shag is a lot more appealing that those, so your chances of putting kids off are about zero.
  16. miabubble

    miabubble Member

    selling condoms at lunch!? WTF?!

    i'm not going to voice my opinions because I just left school and i cna't be arsed with school stuff anymore, but seriously... you can get them free in the sexual health clinic!!!!
  17. TheFly

    TheFly Member

    Excuse me whilst I sigh an extraordinarily drawn out and sad sigh...

    Once again we see schools getting it in the neck for what will always be a no-win situation... easpecially as we live in a climate where parents are increasingly abdicating their responsibilities to their own children yet remaining highly criticial of what the school system tries to do across a whole range of issues...

    I teach some sex-ed as part of my school PSHE programme to Year 8 students... we concentrate on the issues of contraception and STIs... why?... we know that there is an increasing percentage who are already sexually active at this age...

    We have a legal responsibility to teach sex-ed... but it is such a difficult area to teach why?... because of the moral aspect of sex... we are required to teach the facts... without making moral judgments... we certainly do not promote sex and I will strongly deny that is what schools are doing... to be honest, teaching sex-ed scares the shit out of me not because I'm frightened or embaressed by it... no... it is a potential minefield... say the wrong thing and you can easily have a complaint by some irate parent land on the headteacher's desk faster than I can fart the national anthem... worse, some christian group are taking it upon themselves to take legal action against schools and individual teachers who they feel have promoted se rather than merely presented factual information... gee, thanks a fucking bundle... say the wrong thing and some zealous idealist will take me to court and sek to end my teaching career?... and you guys wonder why so few teachers are prepared to take on this nightmare?...

    So what's the alternative?...

    Take the fundamentalist approach and teach the moralistic abstenance before marriage message?... accept this and then schools will find it very difficult to resist fundamentalist christian philosophy in other subject areas... would it be right then to ditch Darwinist evolution theory in order to teach fundamentalist christian creationist theory in science lessons instead?... how far would this be allowed to extend?... would we see a time when the books we teach in English Lit lessons would have to be passed by some religious authority to ensure that they too taught the correct moral messages?... would we see a time when the knowledge that humanity has gained could only be passed on to the next generation if it fiited into fundamentalist chistian doctrine?... I think this is a potentially highly dangerous direction to pursue...

    Okay... then here is another suggestion... abandon sex-ed in schools completely... return the responsibility for this back to the parents... then the parents would be able to teach the "facts of life" in a manner that they found morally acceptable... or not at all, if they felt that knowledge of sex was a corrupting influence... and I'm certain that this would have a huge impact upon our current rates of teenage pregnancy and STI infection... of course, this all depends upon whether you believe the rather simplistic equation that it is purely the teaching of sex-ed in schools than is responsible for our teenage pregnancy rates... and choose to ignore factors such as increasing evidence that parents are overworked to the extent the time with children is now increasingly at a minimum... look at the spread of "electronic babysitters" such as television, video, computers, game systems and our beloved internet... the increasingly sexualisation of pre-teens through the media (the last time I saw TOTP, I was just shocked by the sheer sexuality of the programme in comparison with the teen bubblegum nature of the music on offer)... this issue is much more complicated than simply to lay the blame at the feet of the schools once again (oh give us a fucking rest, any wonder why anybody wants to consider teaching as a career anymore seeing as we're so hit at everything!!)...

    By the way...

    Does anybody know exactly why sex-education was introduced into the school curriculum in the first place?...

  18. showmet

    showmet olen tomppeli

    As far as I know, abstinence is certainly mentioned in the guidelines as something to teach kids about. The standard formulation is that it's the surest way to avoid STDs and pregnancy! As for "celebrating" it, that's never the place of education; it's about informing people about all the options so that they can make up their own minds based on an accurate understanding. If you're going to be inclusive and non-judgemental, you have to talk about all the things that teenagers do - and a hell of a lot of them choose to have sex! Let's make sure they are doing it safely. Let's also make sure they know they don't have to if they don't want to. Abstinence and avoiding peer pressure was certainly a big part of my sex education back in the eighties. (Turning sex down, chance'd be a fine thing, I thought!)

    By celebrating or focusing on one particular choice you're indoctrinating kids with a specific ideological / philosophical / religious standpoint. That's never healthy, and won't produce well-rounded and well-educated people. We need to teach people about everything so they become well-informed, free-thinking citizens who are able to make up their own mind. Give them as much information as possible, about all kinds of lifestyles and practises - gay, straight, monogamy, polygamy. These are all valid choices that people are free to make, so kids must be informed about them all, equally. People must be free to control their own destiny and make their own choices. And the sure way to do that is to give them access to all the available information in a non-biased and totally unjudging way.
  19. Hippy_Smurf

    Hippy_Smurf Member

    Nothing ever stopped me from having sex, and to be honest the sex ed lessons weren't much cop at my school. It was my mum drilling into me the fact that if I got pregnant I was in trouble that made me careful (most of the time...)

    It's a hard one to figure out, and I'm too tired to bother. I may say something of value in this thread at some point, when I'm awake!

    Torz - Hallam FM stinks, Big John at Breakfast is the most annoying show in the world. Get listening to Radio 2!! :p
  20. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    Same herE :p

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