GIRLS ONLY, on behalf of all the guys on Hip, L+S, thanks!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by crazytrain341, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. crazytrain341

    crazytrain341 Members

    GIRLS ONLY, can I speak for all the guys her on Hip > L+S?

    THANK you girls for your hot as f*ck posts, they are really fun to read, our women and wive's pu$$y thanks you dearly for the ravaging they received thanks to your hot posts~!

    (Not to mention how many loads we dropped on your behalf)

    Hip girls, please stay HOT!
  2. JudithJ1337

    JudithJ1337 Members

    Glad I could be of assistance. I will definately stay hot and horny.
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  3. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    I say this on behalf of my wife. When I told her that the picture of her ass with the double snap crotch got 28 likes so far she asked me how many guys rubbed one out while looking at it. It is thoughts like these that float her boat. Just sayin.
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  4. JudithJ1337

    JudithJ1337 Members

    I'd join her in that boat. It's great to hear people say they're turned on by you.
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