Girls' butts

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Dizzy Man, May 22, 2004.

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  1. Dizzy Man

    Dizzy Man Member

    I think girls' butts are so lovely. Who agrees?

    And how do girls feel about guys liking their asses so much? And do you like guys' butts at all?
  2. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    i luv em that is the 2nd most attractive thing about a women to me 1st being their chest i qoute "i like big butts and i can not lie all u other brothers cant deny"
  3. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I find the butts to be just as visually appealing as the breasts.

    I live in a latin country, where the butts are highly admired, and I learned to appriciate them just as much as the locals here do.
  4. who cares about asses or boobs.... i wanna see some weiners man!!!
  5. Dizzy Man

    Dizzy Man Member


    Or... some man's weiner.
  6. Wicked Eyes

    Wicked Eyes Banned

    go to and sign up, you'll find an amateur's section with lots of weiners (including mine!) lol :)
  7. I'm with dancingbearfoot...

    Women are drooled over all the time, just look at the ratio of porn sites designed for men as opposed to those for the ladies.

    And if you ever get the guys to come dance for you naked can I come over and throw popcorn too!!!
  8. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    my boy loves my butt..... but at least someone does! :p
  9. xaosflux

    xaosflux Sysop Lifetime Supporter

    serra, who wouldn't love j00r butt!
  10. OF COURSE YOU CAN and we can laugh at how small they are and make them feel cheap and pathetic and worthless just like they do... but we'll do it better
  11. feministhippy

    feministhippy Member

    I like big butts and I can not lie. And you udda bruddas can't deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thang in yo face you get sprung
  12. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    i thought weiners were dirty, filled with piss, and sweaty???

    but yeah i have to agree, girls asses are very attractive.
  13. uh yeah they are but i didnt say anything about putting them in my mouth... hey maybe if guys washed sometime.... or took care of their dicks then every girl would be dyin to suck em.... but they'd be doin everythin for the guy cuz they just expect you to give them head and then they get antsy about eatin girls

    stupid fuckers
  14. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    What kinda guys are you dating, girl? More importantly, dirty dicks are still dirty whether you put them in your mouth or your vagina. I don't mean to be rude but you strike me as very unexperienced.
  15. well thats why i dont put dirty dicks into my vagina... or my mouth... and it dont matter what ive experienced.. and i regret most of the shit i did because i was young and stupid

    but i dont do that shit no more.. im not a slut... i have a boyfriend... and he respects me.. he doesnt make me put his dick into my mouth and thats why we've been together for so long... he doesnt force me to do shit
  16. sicko

    sicko Member

    I don't think I'd ask a girl to suck my dick, it's pretty nasty.

    On the subject of butts, I love a big butt on a thin waist :) That's one thing I love about black women, so many of them are well bestowed in that area :)
  17. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    Its not about force, we are talking about preference. Its good that you have a man that respects your wishes. The thing is that it is wrong for you to pass judgement on women that enjoy giving head and say that they don't respect themselves ( which you did say ) and then back it up by saying that dicks are dirty, filled with piss, and sweaty. You just come across like you are saying that women who enjoy giving head are dirty or have no dignity or something
  18. no offense, but this is a stupid thread. good day
  19. well show me a woman who "really" enjoys it... i mean seriously enjoys giving head.. cuz none of you do... you just want to please people

    and no they dont have any dignity if theyre stooping that low
  20. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    well, I'm done with this. Holla at me when you grow up
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