Girl of my dreams doesn't love me back!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Wolfman's Brother, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. There is a girl who I like very much,she is really the girl of my dreams, and I care about her and truly love her. At an festival I sacrificed my favorite bands because she was having an bad trip and I rather looked over her than to get out and have an great time. But she is always talking with other boys,and she always blabbering how her dream boy should look,(this dream boy has nothing in common with me),And she is talking to me that she had sex with some random guy like if I give a fuck why would she tell me that? ...and so on.
    So I need an few questions answered:

    -I'm 16(keep reading) do you think that I will ever find my dream girl and that she will love me back? I know that I have the whole life in front of me but I'm really scared I'm not going to find the right person. Where should I even start to look? Because I'm into those wild&free hippie girls who are hard to get,especially in my country.

    -I think that I miss more the felling I got when I was cuddling with her than her in participial ,is this true. I do miss our little talks,and her character.

    -Should I avoid thinking about her and just move on,and we meet quite regularly,should I still be kind to her like when I thought that this is going to turn into an relationship. Because today I wasn't so nice to her as I was before.

    -How long does it need the soul to heal this emptiness and move on,because when I meet her or she lies close to me I would just love to hug and cuddle with her again.?

    Sorry for an stupid post,I'm really sorry for my bad sentences and bad grammar,I really need someone to talk about this because I'm not getting any serious advice's from my friends and I already talked with my mom with this but I didn't got the answers I was hoping for
  2. monkjr

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    Well when you give you answers, keep in mind we are giving you feedback that his going to be honest and feel raw.

    If you're looking for validation, because you are wanting to hear a certain answer so you feel better about your situation, we probably can't help you.

    You've obviously been friendzoned, that is not going to change. Don't press the issue to think you can get her to like you the way you like her, that'll strain and break whatever friendship and respect she has for you and you for her.

    Grudges, kill all types of relationships, don't form them and keep em around with you.
  3. Reducted

    Reducted Member

    There is no such thing as a dream girl. But you can find someone to love, who loves you.

    Oxytocin is the chemical released by cuddling that addicts you to cuddling. It also makes people bond with eachother. Of course the more you want to talk with her, the more you will want to talk to her.

    Keep being nice to her. But you will remain just friends until you are honest with her.

    Souls don't heal, they outgrow their wounds after you water them a bit.

    Let her know, you want more of her. She will take it how she will.
  4. kurona

    kurona Member

    you are so young. theres an insane amount of other girls out there... and YOU in time will also change further... your dream girl now, may not be so later on

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