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    One time when i was like 7 or 8 and my brother slept in the bunk bed above me i was awake and i looked over and our closet door was open and i say a brown odd-shaped translucent figure standing beside a white one and when i screamed until my lungs were close to collapsing, my parents were there and the ghosts dissapeared with the light. then like a year later i was in a different room, same brother above me, i saw the white one but this time he had a knife and i jumped so high i hit my head on the bunk above me and my brother got up and it was gone by the time i could see again after the head collision.
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    ive always believed in ghosts.
    every since i was little i would search for them. id
    always go to graveyards and spooky places that
    id heard were haunted and id use ouija boards. my
    great uncle died when i was 12 and about a year
    later my cousin and a couple of neighborhood friends
    turned his old house into a clubhouse. my grandmother
    repeatedly had holy fits of rage about us goin in there.
    we'd go anyway and drew all on the walls, put posters
    up, drank beer, huffed shit, smoked weed if we could
    get it. it became so cool that we would skip school to
    go hang out there. we'd be there day and night. well
    one night we were in there doin the usual up to no good
    when we started hearin dusty footsteps. i say dusty
    because it was like as they stepped you could hear dirt
    or something fall. one friend was ready to run, one was like
    "yall are just paranoid". well i wasn't scared. i was just tryin
    to light our candles which would not light what so ever
    (we'd usually be there in the dark so that my grandma
    wouldn't see the light and know we were in there). the
    candles wouldn't light, then we started hearin rustlin noises,
    like dead tree twigs goin up and down the walls. we got up
    ran for the door ready ta get the hell outa there but the door
    (which has never gave a prob) will not open! we're all frantically
    pushin on it but it will not open! we run for the window
    (which also never gave a prob) and it will not open! my cous
    takes somethin and totally busts the window open and we all
    make our way through it. as soon as we get outside to the road
    which is directly in front of the house, we see a shadow with no
    person. just a shadow with a cowboy hat on walkin towards us!
    we all haul ass!! when we were far enough away and caught our
    breathe, i told everyone that i think it was the ghost of my
    great uncle because he wore pimp hats and what we thought
    was a cowboy hat could've been a pimp hat. there wasn't much
    other discussion but we knew we wouldn't be hangin out there
    anymore. i kinda wanted too but everyone else was spooked
    and i wasn't hangin out there alone. a few days later my grandma
    wanted to know what happened to the window, we told her the
    truth but she didn't believe us so me and my cous were shit
    outa luck and got in trouble. if it was my uncle i guess maybe
    he didn't want us in his house or was either tellin us to obey
    the grandma. either way we never went back and nowadays
    it lookin ready to hit the ground.

    i still go spookin with friends now but haven't seen anything interesting.
    hope to though.
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    yeah i have had a few experiences with spirits .seeing orbs with the naked eye / being touched / loads of evidence caught on camera(ectoplasmistic mist) (orbs) etc etc. spirits and ghosts are two different things .i believe a ghost is acting out a replay and are not aware of anyone around them " . with spirit we can interact with.
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    Why yes, actually I have one in my house.
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    yes , i do beleive in ghosts


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    No, I don't believe in ghosts, it does not compute with me.
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    well i have a had few encounters with the "shadow people' but lets just say that has more to do with "medication" then spirits. anywho this picture freaks me out, i didnt take it by the way got it off the net.

    the story behind the cowboy in the picture is, that it was actualy taken recently (possibly 90's) him and his friend just wanted to make a cowboy picture (god knows why but they did) and thats why they decided to use black and white film to make it more realistic. now apparntly no one else was around when they did this and if you notice in the back ground the man walking around with a knife! also more freaky is that this man has no legs (it appears coverd by shrubs but apparantly the shrubs were not that thick or high)

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    i see the guy in the backround but i dont see a knife
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    yeh it is hard to see, ive seen the a close up of the same pic it is there... look underneath his chin, there is a white line going down from it
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    I am not sure if I believe in ghosts and/or spirits, but I'd really like to see one some day. It'd make me feel a lot better about the life, the universe and everything. One of my main fears ever since I was 6 years old (I actually remember the night I lay in bed thinking about if for the first time) is that there is no afterlife and no such thing as a soul. If I see a ghost, it'd mean that there is more to the world than meets the eye, and would make afterlife much more likely.
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    i definately beleive in ghosts
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    yes. ghosts are teh shit. i talk to them all the time.

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