Getting totally pissed off with the UK now !

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by phil1965, Oct 12, 2020.

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    Perhaps ??? perhaps ??? - where have you been for the past ten years ??? - the scumbag 'nasty party' detest the fact that the NHS is a nationalised institution and have been eroding it and flogging off bits of it throughout that time !!!
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    Some / a lot of times, it's not so much of Money, but Management of such.
    The interaction I have with people and places, recently, there has been a lack of funding;
    But not to worry there won't be Pay freeze for the NHS - Wow, like that's gonna make a difference. - and hardly gives sufficient investment into a sevice that has been severly tested in both aspects of staff and service support
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    We think that we have problems, but last week I heard about people dying in hospital corridors in the US, the so called most advanced nation on the planet.
    Their missinformation is fare worse than in the UK and people are in a state of panic.
    Since we are now aware of more of the facts, life is becoming far more tolerable, but we still need more information on the truth and how the apparently alarming death rate is only 2.7% above average.
    Unfortunately few people understand the process of death and the part played by viruses and pathogenic bacteria during our final hours.
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    I agree the UK strives to succeed with Public support, whereas the US system seems to be viewed differently.
    With it's service often seeming depend on the level of healthcare that one can afford, it is the poor, weak and vulnerable that (as always) suffer.
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    Perhaps the most sensible change has been to allow consultants to carry out consultation by telephone. Having had a middle ear and a shoulder tendon problem it works very well for me, but no doubt my medical background and understanding of the conditions helps. One problem has been with medication needing to come from my GP and them not being able to prescribe without meeting their patient. My favourite GP is fine, simply putting "as specified by (consultants name)" on the medication dosage and use.
    I think that one problem may be that the medication is charged to their practice, life is all about money, even in the UK.
    Hopefully, post covid, some of these changes will become the norm, they will actually save money and allow more time for people needing face to face care.
    As you may know, consultations and major procedures are currently being carried out at private hospitals and needless to say I did not complain about the smoked salmon following the draining of my middle ear. Perhaps I should write and thank Boris. :)
    On a more serious note, separating surgery from vast buildings alive with viruses and pathogenic bacteria should be the future of our NHS, particularly in maternity units. Historically, they were normally out of town.
    Progress in going backwards is long overdue. :):):)

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