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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by xMalcomx, May 27, 2006.

  1. xMalcomx

    xMalcomx Banned

    If I smoked 19 days ago, and i havent smoked before that or since that, will i be tested positive for a drug test in 2 days
  2. xMalcomx

    xMalcomx Banned

    anyone know?!?
  3. Sezzy

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    it really depends on how much u were smoking at that point 19 days ago. if it was like everyday for a while, then u could test positive. if it was like a once a week thing, better chance of testing negative. lol, around 20-25 days is the period of confusion usually, and after that u can be pretty sure ur clean. Either way, you can use teh dilution method(now my favorite method of testing clean easily). Take a lot of protein suppliments and eat a lot of red meat starting today if ur test is in 2 days. this will increase your creatine levels, which is what they test to see if ur urine is diluted. on the day of the test, about 4 hours before it, start drinking about 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes(this will dilute your urine so that there will be very little if any thc in the sample, u'll know it's working because ur urine will become clear like water). about an hour before your test, take about 6 times the daily recommended amount of vitamin B2 or B12(this will give ur urine a yellow color so they can't say "hey it's clear, u diluted, fuck you"). After the piss where u see it's a nice yellow, u'll want to use the piss right after that to make sure u keep the yellow.

    lol, i love typing these directions now. but u should prolly get a home test before u try anything so you don't waste your time. good luck
  4. crummyrummy

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