Getting Others To Go Barefoot?

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  1. Was wondering if anyone has done something similar. So I go to the library once a week (or try to anyway) and before I would usually take off my shoes and chill and walk around in socks. Since I've started to hate socks recently, I now take them off as well and wander around barefoot. Library doesn't seem to care. Recently my friend and her sister have been coming at the library as well to study, and my friend seems to go barefoot like me, but her sister does not. Yesterday I went and it was just her sister there. She had her shoes off and was wearing socks and I went up to her and asked why she just doesn't take off her socks. She said something about her feet being cold but I convinced her to take them off and she seemed to stay barefoot the entire time she stayed there (about 2 and a half hours). What about you? Have you convinced others to go barefoot?
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    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    No..........After 10 1/2 Years Barefoot I Don't Try To Convince Others........I Just Lead By Example.....

    If Others Want To Follow Then That Is Their Decision...... :)

    Cheers Glen.
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  3. Irminsul

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    That is the correct answer. :)
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  4. I'minmyunderwear

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    yeah, i really don't care what other people wear on their feet.

    now, if i could just convince more women to go topless...
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  5. TopNotchStoner

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    Why do you even care if others go barefoot? It's pretty fuckin' nasty walking around barefoot on a library floor that hundreds of people walk on all day with their shoes on, tracking bug guts and dog shit in there, and fuck knows what else.

    And your friend and her sister actually come at the library? Where I'm from, that's considered a lewd act.
  6. I always encourage others to go barefoot walking but a lot of time women tell me they don't want their feet to get rough or they want their feet to stay soft.

    Of course you want your feet to stay soft because you have been exposed to billions of dollars worth of advertising in your lifetime by people telling you unless you buy their products you got bad feet. Its just such a crock, my feet are just as soft or smooth as anyone else's and I go barefoot all the time.

    Come on lets go, do my feet look ruined to you ? Lets go !
  7. Barefoot-boy

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    I never convinced anyone to go barefoot, it's probably because I didn't want to put someone outside their comfort zone. However I was the one who was made to go barefooted. At 16, I had a girlfriend who liked bare feet and a few times she physically removed my shoes and or socks. I can recall both of us lying on the couch with our bare soles resting on the arm of the sofa.
  8. TopNotchStoner

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    I don't care if my feet are tough or not. I wear shoes. It all becomes moot when you pick up a bacterial or fungal infection from walking on the ground where thousands of people spit, walked with athletes foot and foot fungus, dogs/cats/humans piss and shit, etc. People have actually LOST their feet because of these things. It's just fuckin' stupid. But hey.......more power to ya.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter


    Cheers Glen.
  10. One Man Band

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    Where do all these people live? It is rare to find a dog "surprise" on the sidewalk in my area. If I do, I certainly do not step in it shoes or not!
    The sun and it's magical UV light take care of the rest.
    My suggestion to these shoe-wearers is MOVE, you live in hell.
  11. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    people that don't live in the inner city have this surface called grass that they regularly end up walking on. dog shit can hide very effectively on this type of surface.

    of course, it's also crazy to say that someone will lose a foot from stepping in dog shit. i suppose there's probably some kind of worst case scenario, but i'm sure it's no more likely than losing a foot to a sock allergy.
  12. They must live in a fifthly place, sad.

    Here in Florida the rain washes the sidewalks and streets constantly then the sun comes out.

    It has long been known that sunlight is a powerful disinfectant and bactericide. As early as 1877, researchers discovered that sugar water left in the shade became cloudy, indicative of bacterial growth, but if exposed to sunlight, it remained clear.[3] In 1890, the German microbiologist Robert Koch (who had isolated and described the tuberculosis bacterium in 1882), showed that sunlight killed TB bacteria.[4] Later on, research showed sunlight also killed E. coli bacteria in twelve feet of seawater and in waste stabilization ponds.[5] [6] [7]


    In 2011, San Francisco’s 99.7 radio station conducted a study of bacteria in their studio. “The inside of Greg’s shoe is much dirtier than the outside,” they concluded. (And, as you recall, the “outside” of your shoe could harbor 66 million organisms). They added that some of the species living inside the shoe tested were:
    • E. Coli – which can cause abdominal cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.
    • B. Serratia Ficaria which causes infections of the gall bladder, respiratory tract, bladder and blood.
    • C. Klebsiella Pneumonia– which can destroy lung tissue, cause pneumonia and create infection in the blood.
    Why? The hosts at 99.7 concluded: “Turns out that the inside of a shoe is much like a petri dish. It harbors bacteria/mold because it’s a dark, warm, moist environment which allows several different species of bacteria to thrive.
  13. freespiritedone

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  14. SoftSoles

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    When/if asked by others, I'll always recommend that that less time ought to be spent inside shoes, explaining the benefits of allowing the feet to re-develop strength through natural movement and (where possible) redress issues attributed to poor posture, while also dispelling some of the myths that the soles become incredibly callused, etc. However, it's ultimately their decision as to whether they conduct research into the lifestyle, allowing them to make their own mind up - even if it's something as simple as going bare foot more often indoors. It's not something I ever force upon individuals.
  15. Sora

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    There's definitely something satisfying about getting others to go barefoot. Naturally, it should always always be a choice...there's no fun to be had in barefootin' if one isn't choosing to do it. Some of the greatest joy of it comes from making the conscious choice to kick off the shoes and socks and liberate yourself. I'm more than willing to espouse the benefits of going barefoot, if asked. Usually, more often than not, I lead by example, and might suggest it, if I'm feeling brave enough. It's a choice in the end though, and I respect those who would rather not do it, even though it's highly recommended!
  16. I always call this the mythbuster forum and I think the myth that non barefooters believe that it takes getting tough skin to walk on anything besides carpet for it not to hurt or be uncomfortable. That's what I thought in the beginning.

    Its the muscles that make up the padding on soles that improve more then anything, that's like 70% of it, learning how to watch your step helps but that stuff about callouses is nonsense, why wouldn't walking down a concrete sidewalk not act like a pumice stone and wear them off if that's how it works ?

    "Going barefoot will ruin my soft pretty feet..." No it won't, it will make them stronger and sexier looking as the shape gets better your arches improve and even those bent toes you got will start to straighten out.

    Trying to convince others send them over here >
  17. BarefootedBoy

    BarefootedBoy Member

    I've influenced one or two to give it a try. They seemed to like it.
  18. The Walking Dickhead

    The Walking Dickhead orbiter of helion

    Who doesn't like taking their shoes off? Nobody ever. Socks are even better for taking off. The only time I notice I'm wearing either is if I'm either putting them on or taking them off. All I give a fuck about when I go out side is keeping my feet warm, dry, cut free, and shit free. Inside the boots that I wear my feet have all the movement they require for me to walk on dry sticky fields and old gravelly roads, with the added comfort of not having to endure contact with the ground.

    How many barefooters live in Scotland?

    Less than ten. Why?

    Try walking anywhere in Scotland, especially the hills even in any weather. Look at all that lovely heather, who needs boots to walk in heather.

    Therefore.. it's still shoes for me sorry.
  19. The Walking Dickhead

    The Walking Dickhead orbiter of helion

    I went barefoot in india for a short time, when it was possible to. I loved it.

    The only time I didn't like it was when I cut my foot on a beach cactus in Arambol in Goa.
  20. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    I consider shoes and tools, only use them for the right situations and right conditions.

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