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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by barefoot_boy, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. barefoot_boy

    barefoot_boy Member

    I used to be so anti,then about a year ago I tried pot.Im 29 now
    I know it's a little late to start but some people,my sister(yawn) keeps
    telling me "You're into drugs now" like it's a scary monster or something.
    I smoke pot every day now and Im thinking about trying new drugs.
    I've been offered E at some of the dance clubs I go to.Any opinions about this?I think im gonna try it.What's this special k?Is it worth trying?
  2. garf12

    garf12 Member

    E is alot of fun, I would recommend it. Not really sure about K, I dont think I would do it, but I had a friend that did and he liked it. I'd stay away from cocaine its just to damn addicting, but none the less fun! Shrooms are also a ton of fun!
  3. Make sure you give nitrous oxide (N2O) a try, it's a blast. It only lasts 2-3 minutes, but it's a great 2-3 minutes.

    You can buy little cartridges of nitrous oxide for whipping cream. It looks like the CO2 cartridges used in paintball guns. Any head shop should carry them. You will need to buy a cracker, it's the device used to open the cartridges. I think the crackers are actually sold as something called a "SportsFlate" or something. Just ask your local head shop, they'll get you hooked up.

    Make sure you listen to some music while taking the nitrous. I usually find that if I close my eyes it typically lasts longer. Typically it provides numerous auditory distortions, I always get a massive echo. Plus your whole body pulsates. The best way to describe it is the feeling you get when your foot falls asleep, but through out your whole body.

    Nitrous is alot of fun, I need to pick some up soon! :D
  4. barefoot_boy

    barefoot_boy Member

    Thanks utcolorchangin420!I think I've tried nitrous oxide.I,ve tried poppers
    are they the same thing?I now realise I've tried two drugs(lol) weed and
  5. I'm not sure what a popper is. Nitrous is a gas, so you empty it into a balloon, then suck it in.
  6. barefoot_boy

    barefoot_boy Member

    You can get this in any headshop?Cool!
  7. Ya, nitrous oxide is legal. It's not "intended for human consumption" but oh well, fuck 'em!

    They're also called whippets.
  8. cauan

    cauan Member

    Man, ask that to yourself first, I mean, if you think drugs are such a big deal just don't do them, but I do believe trying most of them it's worthwhile..(is it the expression?).
    I tried some lsd myself the other day, just half of it and I felt nothing...I'm actually gonna post it cuz I'm really not sure about it...
    My advice is - do it!
  9. barefoot_boy

    barefoot_boy Member

    It's probably expensive though and it only lasts a few minutes.I'd
    love to take it though.
  10. Typically at a head shop in my area a box of 24 whippets costs about $18-$20. They can be bought off of eBay for much cheaper though, just search for "cream chargers".
  11. DWebster

    DWebster Member

    I'll say right now I've never done E (one of the few drugs I haven't) nor do I know much about it (never researched it since I don't do it) but I've heard that if you're allergic to it that it can kill ya, is this true or just another government funded lie to try to keep people from doing it?

    One of the main reasons I never tried E (nor do I take any pills) is because I'm allergic to quite a few medications and after hearing these stories of people dying the first time they take it cause they're allergic kinda keeps me away

    Just wanted to ask since john_the_pothead said "go ahead and try e, once will be a fun experience and it wont kill you, unless you do too much or something...", although him being 16 doesn't give me much confidence in his answer, no offense John
  12. rdfleece27

    rdfleece27 Member

    i've never done it but people seem to really enjoy blow heh. once ain't gonna get you addicted but the prices are steep.
  13. I_Am_A_Robot

    I_Am_A_Robot Member

    E does raise your body tempeture and stuff so if you are at a club be sure to keep hydrated . people have died form their brain "frying ". and it doesnt cause hole in the brain . dude check out then go to ecstasy or maybe its listed as mdma
  14. from erowid mdma section

    "small risk of death. Approximately 2 per 100,000 users have extreme negative reactions resulting in death. (rare) "
  15. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    It's never too late to start.
  16. luv2behigh

    luv2behigh Member

    lol i like the quote in your signature
    im not lazy, i just don't care
  17. Stan

    Stan Member

    nitrous oxide (N2O).. isan't that an extreamly cold gas? Wouldn't that kind've.. kill you if you breath it in?
  18. apparently not
  19. Stan i think your thinking about CO2, the stuff that powers paint ball guns, thats an extremely cold gas.

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