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Discussion in 'Gay' started by lilone31769, Sep 11, 2013.

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    So after alot of searching I have finally found the man that is perfect for me. Me WM Mid-Twenties, Slim smooth body, Shaved, 5'10 130. 6.5cut Bottom. I've been bi, having hetero relationships for 10 years. After the last xgf, I'm all about men. Him. WM Early-Forties, Big/athletic, Trimmed. 6'4 220. 8.5cut/pierced(apadravya),

    We met in a dark room at local bath house. He was the amazing mouth all over my cock, and ass, front to back he raviged me while 4 or 5 other guys rubbed there cocks up against me. After I got off I had to escape before anyone else tried to get any from me. I wanted to find the man who just blew my mind. He tracked me down right outside the room. Ended up back in his room and he owned me. Took me just like the man I always fantazied about having would. He fucked me every which way we could think off and I just couldn't stop. I am orgasmic through anal, Being slim and having smaller body in general having a man that fills me all the way up sends me into an abyss off of orgasms. I never hard when getting fucked, and don't ever need to touch it to send streams of jizz out of me. I am addicted...

    It's starting to become one of the "good problems" though. I'm late for work almost everyday and have been a little too risky in public when we get hot for each other. Trying to find pants that have hidden zipper or velcro open/close from the front all the way to back for less than 100bucks has proven difficult. But it never fails every time we go out to the bars or clubs I end up bending over in bathroom for a quickie, or on my back legs on the ceiling in the back of his explorer. I wake up at his place to one of two things, and sleeping man with a beautiful big hard cock, which I have for breakfast... or while spooning he will wake up and put in between my legs in the morning. His cock has the most perfect upward curve and is so long that if fits between my legs and through the front right next to mine, and I'll wake up to him lightly rubbing it back in fourth with his hand reached around stroking us both, then he takes his other and pulls my head back with my hair and sucks my neck and licks my ears until I wake up grinding my hips and ass back against him. He pulls out my new plug that has his name written on the bottom out and slides his quickly lubed cock back in me, and fucks me on my side until he either gets off on our side or he forced me over on my stomach and lets loose pounding me on my back. I've been loosing it people, just going on and on and on stopping only to let me catch my breath before slowly fucking me back up again.

    I've been doing tightening exercises to keep my ass tight for him, having a plug helps. Good lotion and deodorant keeps me soft, fresh and from getting rash. Though havn't had a normal sit down in the bathroom in a while. Dooching is so much more effective. I always want to make sure my man has nice clean ass whenever he wants. Or whenever I want which is just as much. I've noticed that everything about me is changing, the way I walk for one, just a little more room in each step. The feel of tight jeans around my legs and hugged around my ass and tight through the crotch to hold my dick tucked back behind my thong or g-string. Which sexy underwear is a must, especially for public quickies and I dont wanna leave a our cum everywhere. I just bust all over the inside of my thong. His just ends up inside condom. Then I pull my pants up and get to walk around with that wet fucked feeling in my thong. We usually don't stay anywhere to long after a quickie, Just leaves us hotter for getting home, picking me up at the door and fucking me against a wall, facing him, him bouncing me up and down, the feel of my body wieght coming down on 8 and half inched of pierced thick dick.... Cannot wait till he gets home from work.... definitely starting at the door 2night. lol

    So what do you guys have out there? Who else has there dream top/bttm and how often do u get it?
  2. Gallagher29

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    I don't have right now, but I guess the dream of many would be to get back from work and find a partner that craves nothing more than a good hard pound from your dick. At least, that's my dream ;)
  3. BiCross9

    BiCross9 Guest

    Ah that was a good read. One hundred percent bottom myself. Could go for a guy like that! ;)

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