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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Tugboat, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member

    Coming to Europe this week and luckily we are getting away from "the group" :) for an overnight in Amsterdam. FIRST TIME there. I have been pasted to this site and a few others reading all I can about all the coffeeshops. We already have a room and we will be flying over from Heathrow, how do we get to the area, hotel is Amsterdam Marriott Hotel on Stadhouderskade 12 ,Amsterdam, 1054 ES .

    We get in early Sunday 9am and want to hit a few coffeeshops, can't check in till 3pm anyway so might as well get blazed. Shyte I can hardly sleep thinking about it. Some say take the tram, train, we are more cab people, I know its costs more, but I am only in A-Dam a day I do not want to waste a minute of it.

  2. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    I think you just answered your own question. The train + tram is cheaper, but not faster. Take the taxi, go straight to the hotel and let them store your bags while you fly around the town. I didn't "check in" until that evening the day I got in after dropping off my bags. Have fun! I'll be going back again this month as well :)



    Based on where your hotel is I would still catch the train form the airport. The second you walk out of the airport lounge within 30 seconds your facing the train ticket machines or counters, you then take the escalator downstairs and trains take you to Central Station every 20mins and takes roughly 20mins ride, all under the same roof. From Central Station either take a taxi from there or a tram to your hotel. Loads cheaper by miles, taxi's in A'dam are notorious rip off merchants, everyone in the know will get the train unless you want to get fleeced by a dodgy foreign taxi driver. Only €3.50 for the train. Your choice, but have a good one Tugboat.;)
  4. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    I agree with Nemisis. Take a train from Schiphol to A'dam. It's really not far, and the trains leave quite often, like every 10 minutes orso. Single ticket is 3,60 euro. It's only 15 to 20 minutes by train. Don't take cabs I would say.. they're really expensive I think.. Just ask at the Central Station which tram to take. According to my information you can take nr. 2 and 5. 2 minutes walking to the tram. 5 minutes to the hotel from where you need to get off = prinsengracht (leidsestraat).
  5. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member

    Hell I got so excited about going to A-Dam for the first time, I turned our one night trip to 2 nights... Now we won't have to rush back to London, our group might be saying have you seen those 2, where in the hell are they? Little will they know we will be getting zombified at some Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Damn I have that little kid at Christmas feeling. So now we won't have to rush I am hitting the train......
  6. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    taxi is about 40 euro train is about 6 euro per person. train is faster, taxi takes you directly to your door. schipcol and central station aren't very "big luggage" friendly if ya ask me. not nearly as much as germany stations. if you have a group of 4 or more people....definately take the taxi. 2 people take train....3 is a tough call. I'd probably say taxi (I did train this year for first time)
  7. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member

    2 of us 2 days, light luggage, saving 34 euro sounds good , I would rather spend my funds other places
  8. PlasticFace

    PlasticFace Member

    Defo get the train. You get a taxi in amsterdam and they take you round the entire city even if your destination is just round the corner.
  9. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    I took taxi's and that simply is not true. I had a map and they went exactly where they were supposed to go and the right way. Why say that about people who are just trying to make a living? I'm feeling this didn't happen to you personally or you would have said so. Since I have first hand knowledge, I'd tell people to listen to me and just not be dumbasses. Only dumbasses get taken for a ride (lol couldn't resist :p ).

    Taxi's are more expensive, but at times worth it. Had I known I was going to crack my face and nose on that incredibly narrow, tiny train while trying to get my luggage out, I would have taken a taxi that time as well! koop, you know what you're talking about brutha 'cuz I had 1 very small piece of luggage and a carry on bag and that was too much. Trying to get on and off that train in the short amount of time they give you, trying to get the bags to the door and out UGH. Then I had to carry my bags all the way to the hotel as well. You see, trams are not always that helpful, depends on where you're staying and since I was staying along the Singel it didn't help at all to take a tram from CS. I took a taxi TO the airport when I left and it was a freakin breeze and took 15 minutes tops (faster than the train). Unless you just have a backpack, plan on quite a bit of hassle. Then catching the tram, but the RIGHT tram to boot. Then you have to wait for the tram to go when you find it which is about another 15-20 minutes. Make no mistake, NOBODY is in a hurry over there but people like us!

    When you wrote in, time was a factor and I based my answer on that. I don't really care which way you go, I just tried to help ya out. Have fun... I know I will!!!! I have a friend picking me up at the airport this time so I don't have to worry about transportation OR a place to stay. Makes for a pretty cheap vacation. It PAYS to be nice in my experience, that's how I met my friend over there. Well, that and not looking like a Rosie O'Donnell/Sandra Bernhard crossbreed works for me :)

  10. PlasticFace

    PlasticFace Member

    Bloody hell I was just sayin. And I didn't just decide to make accusations against the taxi drivers of amsterdam for the sake of it. I know they're just trying to make a living. Good luck to them. But lets keep it real. They'll rip you off given half the chance.
  11. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    lol You're a walking oxymoron, dude. You're not making accusations? Now read your last sentence.

    Try to look at the glass as half full. I know that's hard sometimes in the world we have now, but if you keep thinking this way you'll be judgemental, negative and critical as you are now, not to mention giving people the WRONG impression of Amsterdam and this forum doesn't operate like that. That's no way to live. As I said I took taxi's and that was NOT my experience and they could have tried to rip me off as they were given a WHOLE chance, not just half of one.

    I'm sure it has happened SOMEWHERE, but until it happens to you personally (and it would not be the norm if it did), quit being nasty about people trying to make an honest living. Maybe YOU'D rip me off if given half the chance, how do I know? Just not nice to accuse and no matter what you say you were accusing and stereotyping. If you don't think so then you don't know how to read.

    In MY OWN experience, taxi's have been great in Amsterdam. I hope this hasn't made anyone afraid to take them. Saying that, just remember to do what you should ALWAYS do (unless you're a dumbass), which is be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes open. I hate it when people give advice about things of which they know absolutely nothing. :rolleyes:

    Peace out,
  12. PlasticFace

    PlasticFace Member

    ok so i know nothing. who's making accusations now? Seriously though i don't come on here to argue or offend people. I apologise if i have caused any damage to the amsterdam taxi trade.
  13. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    Dude, there's a difference between a substantiated observation (which I made) and an accusation (which you made). I didn't say you "know nothing", if that were true you'd be in a corner somewhere sitting in your own feces. I said you know nothing about taxi's in Amsterdam ripping people off. Read it again.

    I'm glad to see you brightening up. Keep that spirit and you'll be happier for it. I won't have to take taxi's this time, but I'm sure many people going over there will.

  14. 420

    420 Stoned Immaculate

    Islandgurl and Plasticface,

    An observation from the sidelines...

    Your posts show that your experiences are different, but they are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    Islandgurl might well have had an excellent experience with taxis, and Plasticface might well have had a horrible experience.

    The problem is making sweeping generalizations about any group of people. I am sure there are some taxi drivers that will rip you off, as well as some who would never think of doing anything other than take you to your destination for the proper fare. All it takes is the addition of "some", as in "Some taxi drivers will rip you off...".
  15. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    See, you missed the point being that Plasticface has no "experience" with taxi drivers in Amsterdam (which was the subject) or he would have said so from the very beginning. lol Gee, I feel so "enlightened" :rolleyes: I think I need some of what you're smoking... pass it on over.
  16. 420

    420 Stoned Immaculate


    You are making an assumption about Plasticface's lack of experience. There is nothing in his post to indicate that he didn't have a bad experience. Maybe he did have a bad experience, but didn't feel inclined to recount it here?

    If he was a soon-to-be first-timer, then you would have a clear case. Since he has been posting here since 2004 and has been to A'dam, I wouldn't make such an assumption.

    I agree that sweeping generalizations about any group of people is best avoided.

    I also feel that if someone has a negative experience, I would read their comments without jumping their case-- especially if I were making assumptions that might not be accurate. Maybe just post my own experience as a counter-argument?
  17. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    Hey 420 (wow real original name there) I do not have nor need a CASE. I worked for attorneys, however, I'm not one and don't want to be. Once again you're missing the whole point. If he wanted to share he had PLENTY of chance to explain dissing the taxi drivers. If you don't want to share or can't back up what you're saying then shut up! This forum is for SHARING EXPERIENCES in Amsterdam <eyeroll>. Obviously he didn't have anything to share sadly, except to badmouth the taxi drivers in Amsterdam for no reason and also apologized for doing so before you ever wrote in which makes your point quite moot, so why did you? To bring attention to yourself? Sure seems like it to me. Yep that was an assumption and as long as I have a brain I will continue to make substantiated assumptions as most intelligent people do. When you see a hot burner do you make a substantiated assumption it will burn you? I sure hope so. Plasticface and I are cool, what's your point here except to stir up sh**?

    I won't be responding to you anymore. You're beating a dead horse and I have better things to do with my time in here, like helping people with correct information and sharing my experiences, not giving them the Dr Phil act as you are doing now (which never helps anyone but Dr Phil) :rolleyes:

    Have a nice life,
  18. 420

    420 Stoned Immaculate


    Thanks for all the kind comments. Yes, I thought 420 was pretty original, and evidently it was, as it was available when I registered.

    Why did I post? Simple- I thought it was appropriate to point out that both impressions of A'Dam could be correct. Sorry that you took such great offense for me having done so.

    Also, I could have sworn there was clear sarcasm in Plasicface's last post...

    You made an UNsubstantiated assumption... which is the point you clearly missed. According to your theory, nothing anyone has done in Amsterdam that they haven't written about here just didn't happen, and that we must not dare post an opinion about something in A'Dam without posting every detail of the experience that we base such an opinion on. That is simply rediculous...

    Finally, did a quick review of the archives, and found

    You definitely jumped into a discussion similar to this JUST AFTER AN APOLOGY.

    Please explain the difference in you jumping into a discussion, and me doing so?

    At least you didn't tell me to go fu** myself...
  19. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member

    Ok I have returned and A-Dam was better than even I expected. Went to 2+ coffeeshops each day. Took a canal and a city tour on Shrooms. Whew that was awesome. Sorry cant remember all of the names of the shoppes. The Train and trams and even buses are the way to go. I did talk to a few other Americans and 1 couple did have a hard time with a taxi driver, later they found out that he took them a long way out not at all a direct route to their hotel. Trams work great where we live in the U.S. there is No public transportation, but its a snap in Amsterdam.

    We stayed at the Leidseplein, Amsterdam Marriott,its expensive but a very nice hotel and in a very good area. All the coffeeshops were cool, some more friendly than others, one which I cant remember the name I asked the youg lady for a recommendation and she said here is a menu, you pick. SO I choose Bubblegum and she gave me a fat gram of excellent weed. Tried the shrooms (mexican) from When Nature Calls, dealer was friendly suggested the Mex Shrooms and told me how to take them, what to expect and said "have a good trip" and I did.
  20. PlasticFace

    PlasticFace Member

    Just because i didn't go into great detail about my taxi experiences doesn't mean i don't have any. I have been going to Amsterdam since 1993 and have visited on roughly 100 occasions since then. I rarely travel by taxi when there but have, on several occasions, used them. Although i have encountered bad taxis i have also met good ones. Just got back from 4 days there. Amsterdamaged!!!

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