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Discussion in 'People' started by Thethirdbenjamin, May 9, 2004.

  1. I've just started a new job back around January, i meet all the other coworkers and i got along with all of them for the exception of one.

    This guy acted as if he thought he was better then everyone and acording to him everyone was inferior to him.

    I rember two months ago we where both at the point where we both wanted each other fired.

    anyway i came home one day complaning about him and my mom said just be nice, i laughed at the idea and said its not going to happen mom, besides mom all be nice to him if he's nice to me.

    last week he started being nice to me and well i started acting more cooperative to him.

    I guess when you think about it when getting along with other people, it takes just one person to do a small act that makes the biggest diffrence even if its just a hello or good morning.
  2. Indriel

    Indriel Member

    Yeah, there could have been a whole variety of reasons why this guy was hostile. Perhaps he was threatened by someone new coming in, or afraid of not being liked - perhaps he's a touch insecure - or perhaps it's some wierd power/territorial thing going on. You'll probably never know, but yeah, good on you for being the one to change the status quo & refuse to play the game, especially when you get on with everyone else & if you like your job, it's not worth it to waste your time with aggro.
  3. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    something like that happened to me. I was out of school last year for half the year and a kid who was new, everyone found annoying. He'd purposely push buttons and say nasty things about everyone. Well, anyway the first day I was back he purposely offended me and I almost punched him. For a week or two I was really pissed off. Then, the teacher made me help him. Turns out the poor kid did it for attention. From then on whenever he was nasty I ignored it and was nice. Eventually he stopped and got along alot better w/ me and a couple other people.
  4. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    i think your right
  5. Yeah ,,be nice & keep to yourself except for work related issues. Corporate merican jobs unually have "gossip group" --- "clicks" etc.... like high school.
    I just keep to myself & be pleasent with everyone and NEVER participate in gossip,,no matter what. Even if you think you can trust that person,,,they are only "work" people ,,not your "true friends,family".
  6. Oh, that makes me so happy when everyone gets along. I've had stuff like that happen to me too where I've hated someone but then we're just like polite and nice to eachother and everything just feels better. I wish the whole world could just learn to throw differences aside and be human to eachother once in a while.
  7. Gr4ssh0pp3r

    Gr4ssh0pp3r Member

    I haven't gotten along with anyone in a long time, really.
  8. theguyz

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    I find the easiest way to get a long with people is just to not let criticism bother you.
  9. Gr4ssh0pp3r

    Gr4ssh0pp3r Member

    Yeah, when you are a sonar beacon, it gets pretty difficult to get passed it!
  10. Twistybit

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    I just try to remember that they are actual people with lives as complicated, consuming and important to them as my own is to me.

    I've acted out around people and have probably given a bad impression but they don't know me. Equally, I don't know other people so I try not to make strong negative judgements.

    It's difficult, I won't lie. But it does make things easier.

    I don't get involved in gossip either like a few others have said. That's just negative energy. It's never good or it would be said to the person. I try to speak to people if I have a problem with them. In private, not to embarrass them (people get embarrassed easily) but also there is the need to be firm with them so they know to cut the shit.

    I guess there's no hard and fast rule. Just gotta go with it, don't get sucked into it and try to make the situation work for you and then everything falls into place.
  11. Meaningful

    Meaningful Guest

    Aggression begets aggression...we should remember this and treat people the way we want them to treat us :)
  12. redcloud

    redcloud Member

    He's gonna ostracize everyone if he keeps behaving that way. That's his loss. It doesn't help anyone to be disagreeable with others.
  13. Poplo.

    Poplo. Members

    You grumpy old man!

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