get insane!

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by shinta, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. shinta

    shinta Member

  2. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    hahahaha. I absolutely loved that!
  3. FUCK YES!!! i don't think i could ever get tired of that. i'm so happy that exists. got to go watch it again.:D
  4. YogaOfLove

    YogaOfLove Member

    i must say i agree, i found that site actually through the hipgalleries before it was all redone and stuff, and it is a definte must see for herb lovers everywhere
  5. wastingthedawn

    wastingthedawn *~Pure Light~*

    I could sit here watching that site for the rest of the night...You guys should check out's the same sort of thing but...uh...different.:)
  6. Caitlin

    Caitlin Member

    Im never going to be able to turn this off :) Makes me want to dance..but I fear Im too hypnotized to do so
  7. crazy_gurl

    crazy_gurl Member

    Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger


    haha i love that site!! so addictive and hilariously funny!
  8. Blue Lobster

    Blue Lobster Member

  9. Blue Lobster

    Blue Lobster Member

  10. God

    God Member

    so fuckin awesome man. i love that thing

  11. God

    God Member

    god, that banana phone is INSANE man. they are hearing it in their heads, haha
  12. God

    God Member

    Hahahahahaha!! Play All Three Of Those At The Same Time, And Make It Where You Can Watch All Three At The Same Time Too. It Is Pure Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    that is one of the stupidest things i've ever seen
  14. loveflower

    loveflower Senior Member

    whooa thats too crazy

    i watched banana phone 7 times in a row.. i watched badgers for 6 minutes straight (literally) my cousin came in and i was banging my fists on the table chanting badgers badgers MUSHROOMS MUSHROOMS and he held my fists down so i banged on my thighes and then he turned it of and i slapped him

    label me mentally insane
  15. loveflower

    loveflower Senior Member

    damnit ive had that thing on for a good four minutes now.. whoaaaaaaaaaaa whew

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