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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimbee68, Jun 7, 2024.

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    Is it true Generation Z is ultraconservative? BTW, what is Gen Z? I'm Gen X. Then came Y. And now we're up to Z, is that correct? Starting what year?

    Because I always thought that the more recent the generation, the more open-minded. Of course sometimes ultraconservative can just mean economically.

    I know they are open-minded on things like gay rights and abortion. But on other issues, I don't know where they stand.
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    My understanding is that late 60's-early 80's = Gen X. 80's - 00's would be Millenials. 00's - today are Gen Z, also mockingly called "zoomers".

    There's indeed now a very perceptible right-wing lean happening with the millenials and zoomers. They are the foremost victims of the boomer generation's failed politics, and policy making. They suffer from unaffordable housing, ruined job market that is plagued with poor wages and toxic management, and a frequent complaint with 20-something males is also the competition they face from immigrants, and ultra-feminist policies ruining the dating market, which means more and more young men can't marry or even have sex, not at least without ruining themselves somehow, which has created the incel movement.

    This has generated an atmosphere of bitterness and resentment. These generations feel that they've been cheated out of something that the boomers were handed on a silver platter: quality, stable living. The old rules don't apply anymore. "Getting a job" is worthless, when your contract can just be terminated on a boss' whim, usually just so that a cheaper immigrant could take your place, or your job outsourced to cheaper overseas markets. Or, you're blackmailed into accepting shitty minimum wage, with no prospects of climbing trough the ranks to get those sweeter perks, like a nice home. Sure enough, I see clear signs of the elites wanting to go back to a feudal system, where only lords and vassals exist, and everything should belong to the lords.

    This progress has angered young males in particular. They're not getting theirs, so they seek revenge by supporting populist movements and groups that promise to "shuffle the deck", and "drain the swamp" and just upend the whole established system to correct things. Unfortunately, what these inexperienced and often idiotic youths never understand is that these usually right-leaning groups never keep their promises. The voting cattle/sheeple are just useful idiots, means to an end to get what the opportunistic right wing populist wants. See Donald Trump for example.

    Unfortunately we're at a phase where the current young haven't yet realized how badly they're getting played. They cling on to right-wing thinking, because it opposes the ideologies that they see as having betrayed them, left-wing "woke" movement and feminism that these people feel took away from them the chance to even get sex. Modern day social media has played a big role here. Large SoMe platforms won't hesitate to abuse for profit the fact that these angry people are organizing under their roof into groups that have started to vote in actual, legit elections in some really dangerous ways.

    Then there's the whole edginess factor: Boomers don't like it when you support Hitler, so of course you're gonna support Hitler, because boomers hate it and it makes you an edgy rebel. It's what teens have always done throughout history.

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