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  1. ....or...its only a thing in the imaginary world of the internet
  2. tumbling.dice

    tumbling.dice Visitor

    OK, I'm a middle aged American dude and I call people with a penis "he" and people with a vagina "she"...yeah, so old fashioned, I know. Anyway, I ain't changing but you millennials can call each other whatever you want I guess, it's still a semi-free country. You'll be here long after I'm gone.
  3. KathyL

    KathyL Members

    OK, now that's dumb.
  4. soulcompromise

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    I feel like we're missing part of the point. That is, we honor that person's pronoun of choice as a sign of respect for that person's decisions. Their voice is heard, and we can go about the business of being friends. Without that things bog down a little bit because there is still a question in the minds of both the trans person and the person not using the chosen pronouns. The question of whether or not you can accept that person for who they are.

    I appreciate the opportunity to use "They, Them, & Their". It isn't difficult. You can practice with a trans person who requests to be known as "They". Maybe someone will give us an example if they haven't already.
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  5. I think maybe not

    I doubt you correct your friends and people you meet all the time to refer to you as 'they' in the 2nd person, that would be super annoying pretty quickly

    Yes, I think just an online imaginary affirmation
  6. KathyL

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    If you want to be called "he", I will call you "he". That's a non-issue. Everyone is entitled to be called by whatever pronouns they choose.

    A person's genitals tell you very little about them. It is time we killed of this obsession that Americans have with genitals. Get to know the person above the genitals.
  7. wilsjane

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    Listening to him ordering a manhole cover would be fun.:yum::yum::yum:
  8. KathyL

    KathyL Members

    I would correct anyone who used "they" in the 2nd person because "he/she/they" are 3rd person, not 2nd. I am old enough to have learned English grammar in school. :p

    I would not ask anyone to refer to me as "they", because I prefer to be referred to as "she". And yes, I do correct them when they refer to me as anything other than "she". See, there you go with the ignorant assumptions again. Don't assume.

    This is very much a real-world thing, not an internet affectation. If you have never observed it in real life, you obviously don't get out much.
  9. KathyL

    KathyL Members

    If you are middle aged, it is unlikely that you are older than me. So don't be using age as an excuse.
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