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Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by irsis, Feb 12, 2020.

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    [​IMG][​IMG]Being gender fluid is a difficult path to follow with a good attitude. Even here on second life people are afraid to connect with anyone who isn't presenting a fully male or female image. So I spend much of my time alone on second life as well as in the physical world. Lots of people use the distinction of second life or the real world. But I find where ever I take my consciousness is real for me.
    Growing up with this condition was very difficult. I could feel people thought there was something very wrong with me. And of course it took me many years to develop an awareness of reality to deal with all this negativity. But after reaching a certain level of awareness, being gender fluid is fun. The people in the world still bring as much negativity into my life as possible, but for the most part these people are unaware and play these mind games on me unconsciously. But when I am forced to play games, I play consciously, which puts me at a great advantage. So when someone enters my mind with the idea to fix me or maybe just hurt me for being different, they don't leave my mind without eating all the bad karma they were hoping to hand off to me. And then it materializes in their lives and they have have no idea where it came from because I play games without attachment. So if you don't understand
    what I am saying here it would be best not to start playing games with me. lol
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  2. I'm glad that you feel comfortable enough with yourself to do what you want to do. I grew up believing I was gender fluid or transgender because I never really saw myself as a boy. I much rather grow my hair long, dye it, do make up, do my nails, wear "girls" clothing, and only had friends who were girls. I went as far to go to a doctor to get blood work done for hormone therapy and things like that. Eventually I just realized I was a guy who liked things that are known to be girly by today's standards and there is nothing wrong with that.
    I actually don't believe a person can be transgender or gender fluid because I don't believe there is no set thing a man or woman should be or like but what I think doesn't mean anything. Feel free to express yourself and do what you want. Life is too short to care what people think.
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    I know someone who identified as gender fluid for a while. Her workplace was aware and supportive, so some days, she'd go to work as male, and some days as female. She has since decided that she is bi-gender, rather than gender fluid, because she is quite binary, and spends no time in in-between presentations. (She uses he/him or she/her pronouns depending on her presentation. I use "she" because it is in her female persona that I know her best.
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  4. irsis

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    Great reply to my post. There is a reason or if you will a destiny for being born one gender or another. Once you find your reason for being who you are and accomplish what reason then you can cross the gender lines your culture imposes on you with impunity. That's when it becomes fun. You are on the right track, unfortunately it is a difficult path with lots of pain if you screw up.
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    Gender norms were not broken til adulthood til about 20yrs ago..
    As the internet grew, so did platforms where transgender persons could share their stories. While there was transgender forums and such these manly were geared to sex and promiscuity. While there is nothing wrong with porn and sex. The places for mental health discussion was very limited..
    Now were persons can share both their experiences with others, their growth and failures helps others as well. Ive been following this cute transformation for sometime. Male to Female..
    The health aspects alone to this person body are over all positive..
    With that there comes the negatives but Ill lets yous make those comments..
    Shes adorable. Carry on..
  6. I think it's great that these things can be done if you seriously feel like you are trapped in somebody elses body.
  7. irsis

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    Crossing gender lines intellectually can lead to problems. I feel awareness is the only way to go. It's attachment that causes all the trouble.
  8. irsis

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    I agree, it seems like an improvement.
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    I have a family member that is going thru F to M now. For many years she felt that she/he was in the wrong body. Now with hormone treatments. Breast reduction he feels more normal He is looking at least one more surgery if not two But the second one on the list is not being covered by insurance. And the current out of pocket costs are unreachable. We support him on his journey to be who he is.
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    It's great that you are supportive to the person going down this path. For some reason, our American culture is very resistant to this journey. As you are finding out the cost is very high in many different ways, but if nothing else you will find out that physical world cracks when confronted with a strong mind with a valid cause.
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    Like many issues in life, people can be judgemental enough to harm others , sometimes in very serious ways , (Matthew Shepard, MLK for example.) Without bringing harm to others, people should do as they wish with their lives. Life is short (Dammit!) and to constantly be belittled, harmed or potentially harmed by others for ones judgement/actions has to be truly tormenting. I say fuck ém--They are not you and you are not them.
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    It seems everyone is looking for victims to pass their bad karma down to and we are for the most part vulnerable. But in reality all anyone can do to you is make you eat your own karma. Soo if your karma is good that is what will materialize in your world.
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