Gay Soldiers

Discussion in 'Humor' started by JoeClark, May 21, 2007.

  1. JoeClark

    JoeClark Member

    Hi Folks! I'm new to this forum. I found a story on the spoof that I thought was hilarious! Has anyone here ever been in the military? Check out the full story at

    American Armed Forces Turning to Gay Lifestyle

    Written by NickFun Story written: 13 May 2007

    The vast majority of American soldiers stationed in Iraq are starting to display homosexual characteristics, according to a Pentagon report secretly leaked to the media.
  2. yeah like a lot of other spoof news sites but a LOT less funny
  3. JoeClark

    JoeClark Member

    I guessd you don't see the humor. I was in the military
  4. oh that explains it ! sorry I thought you were just some dude posting a humorous site
  5. scarynickname

    scarynickname Wanderer

    I was in the military too, but it didin't seem that funny to me.

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