GAME:You start by saying "Never have I"

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by TheMistress, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. TheMistress

    TheMistress Senior Member

    {fill in the blanK}. And anyone who reads it and HAS done whatever it is the last poster said says something they have never done. Here I will start:

    Never have I been dumped.
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    haha how do you play this :D sorry tis i am slow...
  3. smilez

    smilez Member

    Never have I been married.
  4. TheMistress

    TheMistress Senior Member

    ok I said "Never have I been dumped"
    SO if YOU HAVE been dumped THAN you reply "Never have I been...{You fill in the blank}.
    Than the next person who reads it does the same.
  5. Hikaru Zero

    Hikaru Zero Sylvan Paladin

    Never have I attacked someone first.
  6. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    Never have I played a game more strange than this.
  7. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    Never have I told a lie on true confessions
  8. Hikaru Zero

    Hikaru Zero Sylvan Paladin

    LOL ... Duck ...
  9. juggla

    juggla Member

    never have i killed a man
  10. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Never have I intentionally lied (since I've been old enough to realize what a lie really entails).
  11. soo.. you killed someone immortal?
  12. HippyFreek2004

    HippyFreek2004 changed screen name

    Never have I molested a flying squirrel.

  13. TheMistress

    TheMistress Senior Member

    HEYYY thats not fair!!!!

    Never Have I had sex with a cross-dresser.
  14. Never have I said no to anyone asking for help...even when I am overwelmed with others needs.
  15. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    never have i been good at sticking to things/ppl that dont hold my intrest

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