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    After this last stay i n the mental hospital, my parents first of told the doc I must stay longer than the recomended stay, for my concern of course.

    They then told the doc that I needed further treatment, I am 33 I can decided for my own treatment.

    Now they say they will support me if I choose a path they agree on. I never asked for support, I have always supported myself. and will continue too.

    My question is do I burn bridges and accept nothing or accept what they will give?
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    your longer stay in the hospital will monitor your behavior, sleep, interactions with therapy and social sessions, how you manage your time, medication adjustments. You can not expect to be treated properly in a overniter/72hold there is just no time there to evaluate you..

    One thing: you may be coming off of drug or alcohol and this is a common recovery time and not an evaluation time...

    During these first 72hrs you were most likely quarantined from the rest the psychiatric treatment area. This is usually done to protect other patients progress in the facility ..

    Should you come in without being stabilized you may jeopardizes the well being, management and direct safety of the floor..

    Therefore if you are interested in treatment, you should stay there longer than the evaluation time=48 hour up into 5 to 7 days. Time after that in the facility should be directed to your care and long term treatment plan..

    If I wasnt so high all the time, Id go back to wotk in a hospital.. :D

    Take care yourself BURNT!!
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    Good luck to you in whatever you do
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    I guess as with all in life that is a bit of a trade off.

    Most people do need help when they are having problems. If you feel or can really evaluate without the emotions (very hard to do) if you think your parents have your best interests at heart then possibly it is worth a try to have them assist you.

    This decision is a difficult one and maybe you need to sit down with them and discuss your fears and concerns about that and give them the opportunity to tell you why and what they feel they can do to help you.

    No one is an island and we all need a little support at times to get through what we need to do.

    Keep safe :)
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    Why not try a different way than what you've been doing?

    If you've tried your way before and it didn't necessarily work, I'd think about trying things their way.

    Accept what your parents will give you. They're not doing it out of charity. Despite your age you are still their child and they have as much interest, if not more, in you getteing better than you have for yourself.

    Plus what Orison said is probably the truth of the matter.

    I hope you do well either way :)
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    All good advice here. I especially agree with Heat on having a serious talk about how you all think and feel - communication is important. It sounds like you have very caring and probably reasonable parents - that's a big plus. You can agree to talk some more about it without making a decision right away - just to understand the issues better and think about it some more. Listen to them. And convey your own viewpoint calmly and clearly so they understand your concerns too.

    Hoping for the best, burnt. :)
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    Don't burn your bridges,take the help your parents are offering you. Be thankful that you have people who care about you. I hope everything turns out for the best.

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