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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by GuerrillaLorax, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. GuerrillaLorax

    GuerrillaLorax along the peripheries of civilization

    A random thought I had the other day was the possible future of pirating. And I mean the old-fashioned sailing the seas kind. With most major coastal cities stated to be underwater, even in some of our lifetimes, the outcome of pirating and looting actually seems inevitable. Especially as we're entering late-capitalism as well.

  2. tumbling.dice

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    Oh, I read the tread title and assumed this was about socialist pirates in government stealing property from honest folks.
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  3. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    The movie waterworld (1995) proved you need to develop your diving skills if you are to succeed as a pirate

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  4. Mallyboppa

    Mallyboppa Nails Mc Fugger

    Think I must be the only person on earth Liked that film ^^^
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  5. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member


    Dude bottom-line, the movie sucked
  6. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    We are Heavy Metal Pirates, We sail across the sky. In our battleships of cosmic steel, We're the terror up on high. We are Heavy Metal Pirates, Our cutlasses are true. So give us all your treasure, Or soon we'll come for you.

    *pulls an accordion riff*
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  7. lode

    lode One Man Orgy

    I knew I missed my calling.
  8. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

    Why are pirates so scary?

    Because they Ar.

    I could see looting going on, that's happened before in natural disasters. So maybe more pirates as well.
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  9. GuerrillaLorax

    GuerrillaLorax along the peripheries of civilization

    The looting that happens during natural disasters is just basic survival.

    But this would become the norm after thousands of cities are underwater. Definitely need good diving skills. Go loot all those empty mansions and million dollar condos.
  10. Driftrue

    Driftrue Pass All Fail All HipForums Supporter

    I've only seen it once but I remember liking it.
    But yeah, have since realised no one else does!
  11. mcme

    mcme lurker

    Those new flatscreens, sneakers and electronic devices are critical to survive your basic natural disaster. Can't believe that the owners of those businesses don't just leave them unlocked, or better yet just give it away before the disaster strikes.
  12. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    It had its moments. Well one moment.


    And also the scene where they're painting the bosses eye and everyone is like ohhh looks good and he asks that one guy

    Looks like shit boss.
    *looks in mirror* it does look like shit!

    But one thing is for the world to be flooded with water means the dry land would most likely had to have been Mt Everest right? Logically that makes sense as its the highest peak, yet, I've seen videos and pictures of what Everest looks like and dry land was no Everest, nor could horses have gotten there while living. :p
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  13. Wizardofodd

    Wizardofodd Senior Member

    To be fair, most of the stuff that you would loot from anyone's underwater house, rich or not, would probably either be ruined by water or not as valuable in a situation where society collapsed. You might get some metal or other things you could salvage and/or re-purpose though. All there would be in those places is stuff they intentionally left behind unless the flooding was caused by a sudden catastrophic event like a large tidal wave....in which case nothing will be left in tact after that......but there could be valuable stuff that washed away somewhere.
  14. GuerrillaLorax

    GuerrillaLorax along the peripheries of civilization

    Some very good points. I suppose one of the only ways I can, at this moment, think of for there to still be valuables, is if the dwelling was somones second (or third or fourth) home. And as the sea levels rose or the levees broke, they just couldn't be bothered, wasn't able to, or just didn't know, to go grab what valuables were there.
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  15. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

    Maybe future pirates will be accountants.

  16. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

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  17. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I really liked it as a kid when it was released. So I watched it multiple times. Now I enjoy it far less, but still: great adventure movie for kids. I would surely recommend

    Now, The Post man or something, also a post apocalyptic movie with Costner from the same decade. That was really bad. Makes Waterworld a celebrated classic in comparison
  18. Mallyboppa

    Mallyboppa Nails Mc Fugger

    I liked the Postman Too !
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  19. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i also enjoyed waterworld, the one time i saw it as a kid. i have no idea how it would hold up now though.

    also, i knew i learned how to scuba for a reason.
  20. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I saw it at the movies with my dad. I remember I had a really bad cold and felt bad about sniffling all movie.

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