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Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by Myranya, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    Okay, all these serious discussions about barefoot rights, fine, but I thought it's time for a lighter thread too :) What is the funniest/weirdest comment you've ever had about your bare feet? It can be a funny comment in itself or because of the context... Like someone on the SBL list last week who reported he'd gotten several really astonished "are you barefoot?" comments -at a nudist colony!

    I think mine also has to do with the context. The comment itself wasn't unusual at all, just some woman who asked me "Aren't you *cold*?" Only when I looked at her as if she'd grown an extra head she, too, realised it was a bit of a silly thing to ask when it was almost 90F (which is as hot as it *ever* gets here). :D
  2. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    I just get the usual ones.

    Friend: "Why are you barefoot?"
    Shaggie: "Because I don't have any shoes and socks on."
  3. Fangz

    Fangz Member

    The classic one for me... Specially when guests say this to me in my own home:

    "You're Barefoot"

    I'll usually reply with: "You're Barehanded"
  4. bfrank

    bfrank Member

    One funny comment I can think of recently was when I was boarding a plane at the Houston airport. There was a bottleneck in the jetway by the door to the plane and I noticed a couple right behind me looking at my bare feet. The guy said, "What happened? Did the security people forget to give you back your shoes?" His demeanor was friendly, and I think he was just curious, so I explained that I wasn't wearing any shoes when I went through security nor do I normally ever wear shoes.
  5. txbarefooter

    txbarefooter Senior Member

    Fangz beat me to it ...

    I think it is funny as hell when some stranger walks up to me and says "you're barefoot" or "you aren't wearing shoes" .. well duh, but I usually respond with a simple "yep, your right"
  6. april922

    april922 Member

    a movie ticket taker once told me i could get an infection, i told him i dont sit on the bathroom seats.
  7. bft4evr

    bft4evr Members

    This one is my personal favorite - I am walking into a convenience store, barefoot of course. At the same time a woman (probably late 50's, overweight, cigarette dangling from her lips) walks out. As I hold the door for her she says "You're going to hurt yourslef like that."
  8. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    That's classic irony, yep. I like that one.

    I can't really think of any especially funny or strange comments I've received.

    But one time I was in the local library, and this guy, I think he was Jamaican, who was working as a security guard (yeah, I know, pathetic that a library would need a security guard!) came up to tell me I needed shoes, as I was using the copy machine.

    I just gave him a lot of friction. I got semi-irate at him and told him that I was not harming the library and I was capable of looking after myself and that he should not be harassing good, respectful patrons of the library and that there must be something better for him to do... Well, I gave him an earful and he simply backed down and left me alone!! It's a rare kind of triumph, but it was extremely gratifying! :D

  9. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    I get a lot of "where are your shoes?" and usually i will have sandles attatches to me bag (due to london streets not always being that reliable, hypos etc etc) and i just point and go here. ...and they never quite know what to say.

    Or someone once thought i was on acid because i was barefoot, cross legged on the tube tran bouncing about with the swaying of the train and giggling because he started doing it too (thinking i was tripping and he was playing along with me) hehehehe that was cool, after then i explained i was straight and he was like ah thats cool, you looked like you were havng a lot of fun "wanna come for a smoke before you go?" (we had got to the platform by now) i kindly passed down his offer though.
  10. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    That reminds me of the time someone on the SBL list reported she was asked to wear shoes in a copy shop specifically because something could fall on her foot... she was copying from loose sheets, not even out of a book, there weren't any large boxes of paper or nothing... just lots of single sheets... and when she returned with flipflops everything was okay. [​IMG]
  11. That reminds me of the time I was on the london underground
    I was bf as well. I had a few comments from some people but the best one was from somebody who was a little bit two sheets from the wind. He was like cool I am with you bro etc. It was really cool I got positive vibes from this bloke. I much prefer to be bf on the tube or in any crowded spaces rather than where my flip flops as people tend to have a habit of standing on your flip flops making me trip up.

    I also met a bfter going into tesco once. It was purely by chance. He made a comment about dressing wisely. :)

  12. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    Hehe well thats cool:) Tesco is hell for barefooting only because the floor is completely different temperatues in different parts of the store :S
    I dont think ie ever bumped into another barefooter before. Croydon wasnt a place barefooters often frequented ... nor was Staines... and Hell even Brighton a bit "bare on thar front (hohoho so many puns!!)
  13. Well they are a bit thin on the ground there. Not to many in Reading either.

  14. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    i waqs a reading barefooter :p In the summer i popped down to see a fellow forumer (who now resides in scottland) I got my first EVER piece of glass in my foot there when crossing a road, but it wasnt deep :p
  15. Wouldn't suprise me if you glassed your foot in Reading. There seems to be high percentage of mindless morons who are experts in nicking car stereos. Their prefered method of getting in is to smash the windows.


    My first glassing actually came when I was on holiday in Bristol.
  16. in high school, walked into my exam late, not wearing shoes, which is not unusual for me, so i was made to take the test in a seperate room like my feet smelled so bad they were foing to harm someone or something?...h
  17. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    Oops, I didn't mean to imply that he told me I needed shoes because I was using the copy machine, I meant "while" I was using it. That just happened to be what I was doing when he accosted me.

    Sorry for giving the wrong impression.

  18. Alixney

    Alixney Member

    It wasn't so much of a comment, but a flock of stares that said "you aren't really dressed like that are ya?" I had to take a placement exam for college. One of those evaluation exams that make sure I learned how to write. I drove to the school, discovered I forgot my shoes at home (which happens to me a lot as I almost never drive with shoes on, even if I have shoes), had to park faaaar away across a black asphalt parking lot, and walk to testing building. Was wearing the customary shorts, t-shirt and shades, but no shoes at all and my feet were reeallly black from the parking lot. All the staff was just staring at me like I stole their pet the entire time. The funny part was that I noticed that about 6 people (5 girls and 1 guy) took off their shoes at some point during the examination and stayed barefoot (on in socks) until it was time to leave. I think the staff blamed me for inciting a mini-barefoot-in! It was great fun though!
  19. Fangz

    Fangz Member

    That's cool! :sunglasse
  20. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    Hehe i was barefoot in Vienna a few months back and i had gone with Jaycee cos he went for free with his company.. they all thought i was a bit of a freak (you know i was a young student they were all older "profetionals" and there i was walking around this swanky 5* hotel barefoot and purple. I got a lot of "why dont you put some shoes on" i gave them a big talk about how its wonderful to feel the ground under your feet. a few days later one of the ladies who had been really shocked had tried it and was seen walking barefoot too tehehehe
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