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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by garf12, May 10, 2004.

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    Well this forum hasnt really gotten going yet so I'll add something....

    I went to Amsterdam last summer and did absolutley nothing all weekend but visit coffee shops. While I had a blast I do regret I didnt do more. So if you are familiar with a-dam list some fun stuff to do, other then get stoned off your ass. Some stuff that I wish I had seen that I didnt is listed below.

    1. Red Light District (just to see it, not to partake)
    2. Heineken factory
    3. The Canals
  2. lizm

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    I did those 3!

    Walked through the red light (kept getting lost and finding myself there..only walked through it on purpose once). Interesting.

    Heineken Experience - MUCH better than I thought it would be....for 7.50e you get 3 free beers, a souvenir and a couple of hours of fun, including a lot of high-tech neat stuff, a couple of "movies" where you feel you're moving with the movie (and in fact are, since they move the floor you're standing on).

    We took a canal boat ride our last day....12 of us chartered our own and had two hours to go wherever we that's the way to travel :)
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    About the canals.. if you like seeing them from closeby but don't feel like going on a touristboat.. you can rent a 'waterfiets' (litt. waterbike). They are called 'canal bikes' I think and you can just ride around on the water for like a hour, which is pretty long. You can decided where you go completely, as long as you're back at one of the canalbike-stations in time. Doesn't matter which one, so you even don't have to ride a circle! Oh.. but make sure you're not run over by those tourist boats ;)

    Pretty fun thing to do..
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    The museum quarter - Van Gough, Rijks, and modern art museum are all excellent and are also good value for money.

    Ann Franks house - a must see IMO.

    Heinekin Eperience is great, Cannabis museum, Sex Museum, the Katten Haus (Cat Museum).

    Boom Chicago - very funny show at which all you Americans will feel right at home.

    How many excellent resteraunts are there??? - zillions.

    Thats just off the top of my head folks - great place, enjoy the smokes by all means but do make a point of going out and about in this fabulous city.
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    i'm going to amsterdam this summer, probably in july, how many days do you guys recommend staying? i'm definetly going to check out a couple coffee shops but like someone said i'd regret doing nothing but that.... canal bikes sounds cool :)

  6. Lanstar Zero

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    I'll be in Amsterdam in July for the 2nd time!

    Definitely try to go for AT LEAST a week. The 1st time I went I was there for 1 week and I didn't get to do nearly everything I wanted to..
  7. moonshade

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    picknick in the Vondelpark when its nice weather.
    visit the Waterlooplein hippie market.
    just wander around and be surprised where you end up.

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