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Discussion in 'Backpackers Message Forum' started by Sign Related, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Sign Related

    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    It's a 'choose a theme' thing involving. You can make it look like somebody kidnapped you in how you start your backpacking. Go further than that... You can wear a rigged' blood squirting' shirt to make it look like you got shot and some strange people put your body in a van and took off. Or you can arrange for some cops to arrest you for, say, an armed robbery or a murder in how you go off...

    (Of course the people you want to pull it on are the people you want witnessing unknownly that it's just a stunt in how you proceed your backpackin' adventure.)

    ...then when you make an appearance you can pretend you escaped somehow. Hey, then you can see who your real allies are in seeing who will help you hide out till you tell 'em.

    Got any more fun themes?

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