Full/new moons

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by jokersex69, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. jokersex69

    jokersex69 Member

    Hey my name is Joker.
    Just wanna say that I believe the moon has special abilities on man.
    Like new n full moons create crazy wild experiences.
    Has anyone else felt this?
    Well I'm a cancer, the moon is my sign haha. Sometimes the wolf comes out of us all :tongue:
  2. oracle88

    oracle88 Guest

    So your werewolf comes out during full or new moons?
    When do you feel the most tied to the moon,
    or as a Cancer is it all the time?
  3. PhotoDude

    PhotoDude Member

    I'm a Cancer and I don't feel any different during Full/New Moons. I just sit back and enjoy it's beauty if I happen to notice it.

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