Full Breakthrough Without Psychedelics (Full Awakening About Our Life And Us)

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    [SIZE=10.5pt]WHO ARE YOU?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10.5pt]It's time to find out.....
    The real reality starts with the universe(GOD) - when universe started itself and YOU as a BEING - YOU ARE THE BIGGEST AND THE MOST MOST MOST MOST MEANINGFUL PART IN A WHOLE UNIVERSE. You are in the highest form of everything in universe to represent yourself in it,- in the most beautiful ways ever imaginable and most importantly have that natural hypnotic intellect and wisdom that we're all meant to have.

    Universe is simply a dark room lit with candles. In whole universe all there that is, - is just solar systems, balls of light (like our sun). Literally just balls of light which are surrounded by planets- like our earth, mercury, venus, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and then they have moons, even many moons and then there's asteroids, meteorites, etc. SOLAR SYTEM has been created for a purpose - to sustain life. Life starts with a light. What do flowers need to grow? - LIGHT. Every life needs light to be there, us humans too as we're the same life as everything else is. Every solar system has some form of life! The closest solar system to us is 4 light years away and it's named Proxima Centauri. To know how far it is; here is an example - speed of light travels at 300'000 m/s meters per second, so that means a light(laser for example) would travel at the speed of light for 4 years to reach our closest sun. So it would take around 76'000 years to travel with our current spacecraft technology. And that's just to our closest star (sun). Our universe is approximately 14 billion years old and it keeps expanding. There are billion, billions, billions of solar systems in one galaxy and there are trillions, trillions, trillions of galaxies in universe. Galaxies are simply clusters of stars (solar systems), they just look spiral, elliptical shaped, etc., because they're viewed from a great distance but if you were to zoom/fly in to the galaxy, - you would start seeing all the solar systems. Galaxies look so colorful and bright because of all the suns, planets, nebulas, etc. they contain. Galaxies have their own gravitational centre that holds themselves into a place in dark matter and spins and then it has smaller gravitational points that hold all suns together and they spin as well. The main gravity point in universe is where the big bang started and around it all galaxies spin, each galaxy and all solar systems spin around it, like planets spin around suns, like moons spin around planets or a planet spinning itself. Everything in universe is in correct order. Universe has no mistakes, it doesn't recognize them, all that universe has is INTELLIGENCE, LOVE, JOY AND PASSION. Universe comes in two forms - organic - inorganic[/SIZE]
    Universe was created by this STUNNING, ELLEGANT, PASSIONATE, INTELLECTUAL, HYPNOTIC ENERGY. Energy is a thing. And a ''thing'' ''thinks''! That energy is an INTELLECT (God). That intellect that created all the space, darkness, dark matter, galaxies, suns, planets, gravity, wind, heat, water, plants, all living things, emotions, feelings, vision, sound, smell, protection. That intellect is you looking through these eyes you have right now. You are a Gods child. That intellect has created itself for 4.5 billion years on earth to make itself and represent itself in the MOST HIGHEST INTELECTUAL FORM - in ''Human body'' - with the brain capacity, thinking, memory, skills, talents, beauty, etc. To smile, to make someone happy, to dance, to be funny, to sing, to draw, to make love, to teach – to use your intellect, etc. YOUR SOUL is ALL YOUR SENSES in your human BODY, it can feel and see, sense and touch and smell, it can experience the beautines that it has created for itself. That intellect has evolved to Human body in its most ULTIMATE FORM in the universe, it has the ability to do anything you imagine - to reveal the universes beauties, to get to feel how you can move your body, what you can do with it on this terrain - OUR EARTH. The abilities we have, the technology we have, space technology, the talents we have, the way of communication - language we have, the way how we have evolved on earth is just AMAZING.
    The biggest and most important part is to keep these organic, fleshy, delicate, intellectual bodies we have running, exploring and enjoying all this beauty we have. And there comes in a simple natural process - EATING. Everything that you eat goes in all of your cells. Your body is made of many trillion cells. Cells are the main building blocks of life. They make up all organs, skin, hair, tears, nails, plants (psychedelics), food, insects, all living things, their colors, shape, etc. Organic cells are used by the INTELLECT to make it possible to live in solar system in human bodies, animal bodies, etc. and to provide many natural foods that you can beautifully create and shape in your own recipes. All comes in beauty in life. Intellect naturally provides you all that there is needed to sustain your intellectual machine that you are inside. You are a soul/energy, seated inside this machine, you have a vision - you can see- You are a highest form of energy. Nature/Intellect gives you many kingdom classes of vegetables, nuts, spices, seeds, mushrooms, fruit, herbs - every plant, food has properties with all living bodies on earth. Everything is connected.
    Each cell inside has a nucleus inside, it's a little brain in the middle of the cell, containing DNA and around the nucleus there's little organs- like similar like in our bodies, that take in and pass through all food (chemicals) what you put in your stomach - digestive system. Your body is designed to eat what nature gives you. You consist of nature based food- so that's why you naturally eat to survive - you are meant to know what are you putting in your body, what's good, what's not, what's wrong. There should be no wrong in the world. Universe or INTELLECT doesn't recognize wrong. All there is, is WISDOM & LOVE ..
    Lets say you eat eeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........packet of crisps, ham, bread - all of the ingredients that they had - goes into all of your cells. There are chemicals, toxins and additives in literally everything we eat. The latest technology we have, the latest research we have, knowing what's causing this and that - some media, news, radio, celebrities, etc. They're holding humanity to be mind-limited and attached to their patterns and jobs and unaware of themselves and world. They are doing it for purpose – for The NEW WORL ORDER (NWO). All of your bodies are slowly dying off. And that is the truth! Your body's average ph level now is 4-5ph, in extreme acidic environment. Natural ph for all organic living life to in homeostasis (harmony) is 7.5ph. All your glands and cells are toxified and your body is slowly dying off. The tap waters PH levels range from 4-5ph and there has been FLUORIDE added to decalcify your PINEAL GLAND. There's chemicals in shampoo, make up, hair gels, all beauty products, perfumes - everywhere mostly. Your cells simply just die off from chemical ingestion(through skin as well, as it absorbs everything) and that's why you get spots, stomach pains, diseases, cancers - body is showing signals that something is not right. Same as, try remembering when you had your first smoke - you had a terrible violent reaction coughing - intellect/your body was rejecting it, giving signs that it's harmful for your body. By continuously ingesting chemicals, your body adapts to it, like to smoking. When you start detoxifying your body – by stopping all foods with chemicals, all bath stuff, make up, gels, etc., and start eating only what nature/intellect provides you – then your body starts rebuilding its natural psychic state, it rebuilds all your cells with fresh natural food sources that intellect provides us, - you start to feel your energy rise, you start to feel your soul, you start feeling tingly feeling between your eyebrows where pineal gland is located and it is soothing you – your highest energy – YOU - in its natural state - the real you, you become fully aware of yourself, your egos start to dissolve as you’re starting to become fully aware of them and your soul/intellect deals with it flawlessly, - you have no anger anymore, you don’t get irritated, you become in peace, in your highest energy, fully fresh, delicate intellectual being, your dreams become reality, they start to get super vivid and meaningful, you start seeing auras, you get your real sharp vivid vision back, perfect sense of smell, taste – all your emotions reach to highest vibrations and they are so much more immerse – deeper with real clarity. Diseases don't just naturally exist - it's all man-made, - corporation, to keep your intellect and soul trapped, so you just die off without ever knowing who you truly were in this particular looking and performing human body. If you eat what nature just gave you - you'll never have any cancer, diseases -you'll be perfect weight, you'll have a skin like a baby, feel like a child with intellect, peace, love, clarity and happiness and live well over 200 years. Like back in EGYPT when Pyramids were built - humans were back then were super intelligent (not as intelligent as us though) - they grew and learned with the nature - INTELLECT. (And they were all psychedelic evolved civilization to highest intellect evolved) And like this guy who died in 1933 [SIZE=10.5pt]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Ching-Yuen[/SIZE] [SIZE=10.5pt]who lived either 197 or 256 years.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10.5pt]We’ll never die (our souls will never die) We all come here on earth to learn and we have done it before many many many times), all of our physical experiences learned from all of our lives are stored in our souls and it will never ever die off. WE ARE ALL INFINITE. Intellect will never die off, it keeps getting larger, more complex with our all one subconciousnes that’s connected together. We live in the most intelligent civilized age. Do you know what kind of intellect it takes to make a touch phone, like iphone – the scheme it has inside with all those little metal squares, dots, lines wires, the amount of intellect it takes to send signals to screen and touch it, receive it, display it, play sound – DAMN!!! That kind of technology is nothing compared to what leaders have, the space technology, micro technology, atom technology. They have it all. Leaders use technology in our society to keep us blind and in false perception. But they are doing it for the best, to prepare us for the NEW WORLD ORDER. The leaders of the world are GODS themselves, evolved to the highest state of consciousness that there is, like Egyptian Gods, even more intelligent, because intellect keeps growing, expanding and getting more complex, like universe. There is God in every single one of us, God created itself in human form – in highest that there is. We all have ONE God!!! We don’t have the Gods intellect, love, integrity, understanding because it has been taken away from us with the environment we live in today. The food we eat, the jobs we do, the news we see and hear, the beliefs they spread, the SEPERATION they make, borders, religions, right, wrong, laws, president, God, Vatican, synthetic drugs, alcohol, money – To do all that, to make all that happen, as the world is today, and the organization that has been made on our earth, to hold our society the way as it is, - that’s an Intellect that has shaped the control over world like that. It’s all and only because for the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO). By the end of around 2022 there will be left around 1 billion people. All the worlds products, foods that are made, processed in factories for sale to public – they all have added chemicals, toxins and it is a world leader responsibility and a task to do so, they do it with their highest intellect and research and the scientists they have around, they are the highest intellect and they know what they’re doing and they have a purpose for that. They’re perfecting our souls. We come here on earth to learn, to perfect ourselves and now we are in the age in the universe where we have come to the highest EVOLUTION. They’re doing everything they possibly can so our society stays away from the NATURES/INTELLECTS most amazing treasures of nature – PSYCHEDELICS – Ayuascha/DMT, Psilocybin mushrooms, LSD – but slowly they’re letting psychedelics to come in into our society, for the depopulation, NWO. psychedelics are tryptamines, - human central nervous system runs on tryptamines. So that’s an obvious natural INTELLECTUAL connection between living cells – plants and humans. Humans were meant to naturally grow and learn with natures intellect and consume psychedelics, to feel your soul in the highest cosmic frequency, vibration and be aware of all of your senses fully – that’s what psychedelics do – they make you be fully aware of all your senses – YOUR SOUL – they make you GAIN your real you and your soul and they dissolve the programmed mind that you have had all these years, unintentionally following the leaders misleading information, rules, laws & regulations. And you don’t hallucinate or see spaceships flying, or dinosaurs or Pokémon’s, you see everything is breathing, moving, because everything is made of cells and you can see physics, how everything is made off, see all the living breathe. It's like your eyes are put through microscope.
    Stop all chemicals and toxins if you want to GAIN the REAL YOU and start living your life with your soul and see how YOU’RE ACTUALLY MEANT TO SEE AND FEEL EVERYTHING in this amazing universe and live many many many many many many years in this particular looking body you have. YOU’LL SEE HOW VAST AND REMARKABLE YOU ARE AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS!

    Peace & Love <3[/SIZE]

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