Fuck you screamer!

Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by backtothelab, May 31, 2004.

  1. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    I hate people who scream at you when your driving down the road. Me and my friend were walking, and we came to a part of the road where you look in one direction and see the big power lines going off in the distance, and in the opposite direction, the same thing. It was like a mirror image, really trippy. We were high, so we decided to stop and take a gander. Well, we are standing on the sidewalk, and some crazy fuck screams out "HEY MAN OSRH OISDBF IKHSDP3 IF IFHSBFP OSDHF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111". WTF!?! Not only did it completely kill my high, his as well, i fucking fell on my ass and now my leg hurts. I am almost positive that it was some asshole I'm not really friends with, because I would never befriend some dickwad who would scream out a car window like that. I would shoot myself square in the fucking head if I ever did something like that. What kind of imformation can you possibly convey screaming out of a moving vehicle at 50 miles an hour? Whoever fucking did this to me, you xtera driving mother fucker, fuck you!
  2. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I totally agree with you, growing up, and actually still to some extent, if you walk down this section of the main street of the city 1 out of 3 cars will yell "faggot" out of the car window. Nothing is lamer than yelling out of a moving vehicle, of course this area is full of morons, half of whom have this weird masculine homosexuality that they would never aknowledge.
  3. tom

    tom Member

    That is the worst. I live in a redneck town on the coast and I'm far from redneck. Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than when the inbred bastards drive by and yell something like "HOMO". What's up with that? It seems like with their spare time between meth binges and shooting things that they could come up with something better than that. I mean, i fthey cracked a yo mama joke or said something that actually applied, I could probably chuckle.
  4. TattoedAquarian

    TattoedAquarian Senior Member

    I either walk or take the bus everywhere and this happens to me all the time when I'm on foot and it is so infuritating! I'm a jumpy person so I always jump when someone abruptly screams something at me which makes me even angrier because I know whoever yelled probably got some sick pleasure out of scaring me. (Argh!) Bastards...
  5. hahaha!..Me and my friends do this.But we don't yell homo or talk shit really..We usually just scream...Awwwwooooooooooh!!!Or wuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!..Sometimes we just honk,or honk & wave...It's funny when they wave back!

    :party: :party: :party:
  6. araskan

    araskan Member

    People who yell homophobic insults out of their windows while driving by deserve to be sodomized in a prison holding cell while the guards are turning their backs knowing full well whats going on.
  7. sitareric

    sitareric Banned

    I hate when people throw shit at you out of cars, ive thought about holding a rock with me at all times for when that happens... I also like waving at people while driving down the road, to other drivers.. hehe
  8. pomunus

    pomunus Member

    Funny you should mention this. On halloween I went to a benefit concert for a guy who threw a bag of trail mix at some guys that yelled at him from a car. They came back and threw him into the cement. He broke his jaw. They also punched one of the girls he was with in the face.
  9. Gaston

    Gaston Loup Garou

    I'm a Southerner, we wave at everybody!
  10. ripple

    ripple Member

    My friend once had somebody walk up to her on the street and whistle really loudly in her ear!
  11. Lemongait

    Lemongait Member

    I was going to essentially say what Tattoed Aquarian said, so a quote is in order. I walk everywhere and am usually off in my own little world while doing so, so I'm always freaked out when people holler at me as they tear past... and I don't think the people know me either. I never know what they're saying though...
  12. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    I totally hate people like these. Okey I don't drive but sometimes you walk down Sydenham highstreet and some drunken passengers in the back of a car yell stuff at you like.,"Bit late" and all the rest of the drunken vocabulary. [​IMG]
  13. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    When I drive, I yell at the idiots on talk radio not pedestrians.

    If I am inclined to yell at a pedestrian, they usualy have done something that causes me to doubt their ability to process the english language, so I don't waste my breath on idiots who can't understand me and save it for the dumb asses on the radio.

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